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Forum Rules and Guidelines

PurpleFlock has established a set of guidelines and expectations for its members to adhere to in order to keep the community a friendly and safe environment. We call these guidelines and expectations the PurpleFlock Forums Guidelines and Rules (the “Guidelines”). By registering as a member and creating an account or otherwise using the site in any way, you agree to the Guidelines, as well as the Terms and Conditions of Service (the “Terms”), which incorporates the Guidelines and is hereby incorporated by reference.

As used in the Guidelines, a “member” refers to a user of the site, a “person” refers to anyone, regardless if they use the site, and “content” refers to text, images, video, and links.

If you have any doubts about whether or not you are allowed to perform a certain action on PurpleFlock, always contact a staff member and request clarification. Just because something may not be listed here in the Guidelines, doesn’t mean it isn’t listed somewhere else.

   1.1 Do not promote or encourage the violation of any of our rules or TOS.
   1.2 Do not abuse the reaction system.
     1.2.1 Do not use giving/receiving reactions as a currency, reward, or condition.
     1.2.2 Do not spam/stalk members with reactions.
  1.3 Do not abuse the feedback section.
     1.3.1 Do not open a thread for an issue or topic that has already been addressed or resolved.
     1.3.2 Do not spam the feedback section with the same reason or content.
   1.4 Do not create multiple accounts. Each member is allowed one account.
     1.4.1 If you lose access to your account, you can request a password reset, or contact staff in order to retrieve your account.
   1.5 Do not slander or otherwise trash another member, person, or thread.
     1.5.1 Do not post derogatory content in which you are not informative and constructive.
     1.5.2 Do not publicly criticize unless in a thread dedicated to the content or the reputation system.
   1.6 Do not disrespect, harass, hate on, or troll another member or person.
     1.6.1 Do not post content whose sole purpose is to degrade or disturb the peace of another member or person.
     1.6.2 Do not continue to send a member content, or content regarding them after being asked by them to stop.
   1.7 Do not impersonate another member, person, or company, or otherwise misrepresent yourself.
   1.8 Do not post content which is extremely low in quality, irrelevant, redundant, unnecessary, or meaningless. 
     1.8.1 Do not post content to which a reaction could have been substitute, or which was already made apparent.
     1.8.2 Do not post content where the majority of what is posted is an image or other media.
   1.9 Do not post content in a language other than English or without an English translation unless consented and limited to private conversation.
   1.10 Do not post content intended to mislead, lure, or shock users.
     1.10.1 Do not false advertise, post screamers, promote clickbait, etc.
   1.11 Do not post content requesting the addition of a specific member into the staff team, staff is hand picked when necessary.
     1.12 Do not post content which suggests you or another member want to be or should be considered for staff.
   1.12 Do not post pornographic, sexually explicit, or graphic, or otherwise NSFW content.
   1.13 Do not post content which contains ‘spoilers’ of movies, tv shows, or other anticipated content.
   1.14 Do not post content which may impair our users’ ability to navigate the site.
     1.14.1 Do not post images which are large in size.
     1.14.2 Do not post images which are flashy, and or may trigger epileptic seizures.
   1.15 Do not post links with the intention of producing revenue or other content from users clicking the link.
   1.16 Do not post AdFly links, referral links of any sort, or codes.
   1.17 Do not share personal information.
     1.17.1 Do not share personal information of another member or person on site.
     1.17.2 Do not share personal information of a member of our site off site.
     1.17.3 Do not share your account passwords or other login credentials with other members.
   1.18 Do not spam or promote spam anywhere on our site.
   1.19 Do not attempt to deceive, ignore the instructions of, or otherwise abuse the staff members of this site.
     1.19.1 Do not continue to argue with staff members over staffing-related decisions after it has been finalized.
     1.19.2 Do not add staff members to a conversation related to or requiring staffing duties without prior permission.
   1.20 Do not link or promote any external groups, gangs or communities.
   1.21 Do not post threads in the wrong forum/section.
   1.22 Do not discuss, link, or promote sites which could be considered to directly compete with PurpleFlock.

The following rules apply to the shoutbox and are expected to be followed when utilizing the shoutbox.
   2.1 Do not attempt to contact staff members for non-shoutbox related staff things via the shoutbox. Use the PM feature.
   2.2 Do not flame/flood the shoutbox with personal arguments.

The following rules apply to contests and giveaways hosted on PurpleFlock in the “Contests and Giveaways” section.
   3.1 Do not close your contest/giveaway without first announcing the winner.
   3.2 Do not start a contest/giveaway without also specifying a reasonable contest closing date.
   3.3 Do not offer to give away any item or service which you do not intend to provide.
   3.4 Do not offer to give away any item or service which you do not own or have the right to redistribute.

Warning points may be given to users who break forum guidelines. The amount of points that a warning can add to a user's total warning points can depend on the severity of the rule that has been broken. All warnings reset six months after the date that they have been issued.

Suspensions may be given to users when they reach a certain number of warning points in a certain time span. Suspensions are not full out bans and are only temporary. While suspended, users won't be able to post new threads or reply to current threads. However, the ability to create and reply to private messages remains accessible. Below, you will be able to find the reference table for what can warrant a suspension.
 - Five warning points or more in the span of one week will have the user suspended for two weeks.
 - Ten warning points or more in the span of one month will have the user suspended for one month.

Bans may be given to users once they reach a certain number of warning points before they expire. If a user accumulates a total of 25 warning points in the span of six monthx, or before they have expired, that user will be permanently banned from using PurpleFlock. A user may also be banned from PurpleFlock without warning if they breach the terms of service.

Last updated on 19th May 2017.