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  1. Filmstudy

    The Good, The OL and The Tavon

    For what it's worth, the Ravens OL got charged with 3.67 of the 4 sacks. The only part they didn't get was 1/3 charged to Dobbins for not blocking Cunningham. So the Ravens had significant sack charges in this game, they just didn't have much of anything else in the way of negative events...
  2. Filmstudy

    2020 PurpleFlock Pick'em

    Are picks made against the spread or straight up? Much prefer against the spread.
  3. Filmstudy

    The Random Thought Thread

    You can look in the NFL Gamebook, which is found here: https://www.nflgsis.com/GameStatsLive/Schedule If the site asks you for a login and password, use User: NFL and password: NFL.
  4. Filmstudy

    J.K. Dobbins

    Any time you take a RB this high in the draft, he better be a guy who will produce quickly. In Dobbins case, he has a lot of treadwear from OSU, so I don't see a 2-contract player either. If the Ravens like Dobbins, then I do. They have a great record of uncovering value when they stray from...
  5. Filmstudy

    Free Agents - Edge and ILB's

    Fluker is only $775K against cap with the vet rules and only $25K is guaranteed. He's a bargain if he makes the team as depth or the starter at RG. Both have been starters essentially their whole careers, but Fluker is nearing the finish line whereas it looks to me like Warford has 2-3 years...
  6. Filmstudy

    Free Agents - Edge and ILB's

    Just saw this, sorry for the delay. I don't think a reunion with Suggs is likely given the signing of McPhee.
  7. Filmstudy

    Offensive Line Scoring: Week 14

    Having good corners is one key. Wind is the other to handicap the passing game. I believe Lamar will be fine in cold weather if it's not windy, but this Ravens team has their biggest advantages (offense and kicking) greatly reduced by wind.
  8. Filmstudy

    Offensive Line Scoring: Week 14

    That was my initial reaction as well, but much of what the Bills did to create pressure on Jackson was related to either getting free runners via blitz or not being fooled on boots. The line did the important things in terms of avoiding penalties, sacks, QHs (the biggest charges).
  9. Filmstudy

    Defense Notes Podcast: Week 13 49ers @ Ravens

    Looking forward to next Edgar episode as well. That will be recorded on Tuesday night after the Bills game. What a find Sarah was. I said hi at camp once, but the opportunity to have different folks on the show this year has introduced me to all kinds of great football fans who have a variety...
  10. Filmstudy

    Defensive Notes vs Rams (Week 12)

    You're essentially correct. They've used 3 DBs on 4 plays (goal line, short yardage) and 4 DBs on 33. That's only 6% of the snaps. They pull out the base defense when other teams put in a 6th offensive lineman. By comparison, the 2005 Ravens played 265 snaps with only 3 DBs as they covered...
  11. Filmstudy

    Filmstudy Short: Roster Construction

  12. Filmstudy

    Offensive Line Scoring: Week 12

    He would have been a B+ prior t adjustment and a solid A after had he avoided those 2 holding flags. I want to be optimistic about his prospects, but those holding flags can't be overlooked. Such penalties, with their option value, give defenses a chance t stall drives.
  13. Filmstudy

    Filmstudy Short: Looking Ahead

    That's something the Ravens did to Kaepernick in SB XLVII. Don't worry about whether or not you have the ball carrier, just make a hit on him on any mesh play.
  14. Filmstudy

    Filmstudy Short: Looking Ahead

    I agree with this. The Ravens were beaten 4 on 5 up front by the Chargers. Ingram and Bosa effectively won the game and Marty was not able to adjust. Lamar 2018 may not have had enough passing ability to adjust either. He's a whole different player this season and every opponent has an idea...
  15. Filmstudy

    Offensive Line Scoring: Week 11

    The latest highly complementary piece of the offense is Ricard. Getting size to the edge is a big boost to what they are trying to do in the box to make space. I could easily see him getting 2 catches per game the rest of the way and finishing with close to 20. A bigger comp for Ovie Mughelli...
  16. Filmstudy


    Thanks for listening/reading. I'd be happy to do a video on how we look at, say, broadcast video and combine that with eye observations made at the stadium to record defensive personnel by play. There are definitely tricks to it and it's not particularly complex. There is a video I did...
  17. Filmstudy

    Defensive Notes vs. Texans (Week 11)

    He was effective as a situational pass rusher, particularly in terms of some complementary pick concepts in 2018. The problem with that is he coincidentally reduces the coverage flexibility the team has, which impairs the defense's ability to fool the opponent, because Peanut is far more...
  18. Filmstudy

    Defensive Notes vs. Texans (Week 11)

    I would not make a distinction between these 2 things. Effectively, the Ravens don't have a significant role for him because they have better players for the bulk of circumstances. That's benching to me, with the only difference being there is no apparent punitive component (as might have...
  19. Filmstudy

    Defensive Notes vs. Texans (Week 11)

    I don't think what happened with Peanut was punitive in nature. He may have been too slow to rush, because Fells was his assignment and Fells was blocking Ferguson. However, the reason Peanut wasn't on the field for a long time is more of a systemic problem for him. The Ravens primary...
  20. Filmstudy

    Know Your Foe: Week 11 vs Houston Texans

    Rivers did an excellent preview of the game here with a heavy DVOA bent: https://www.riversmccown.com/