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  1. RayRayRaven


    Hue Jackson is such a loser
  2. RayRayRaven

    Raven's Offered Dez Bryant Multi Year Deal

    I just read this report. He turned it down and then we signed that gamebreaker Snead. Really wish they'd have found a way to sign Bryant. It didn't happen so now we have the Three Amigos.
  3. RayRayRaven

    The Ryan Jensen Thread

    OK....Where is it? I've looked around. Its not on Raven's Talk. Couldn't find a "Free Agency Thread". You all mean to imply by your silence losing Ryan Jensen was "no big deal". Couldn't meet the price? whats the use of bellyaching? Full year starter raptures and no one has a thing to...
  4. RayRayRaven

    Good on Torrey Smith

    Now for some good news for a really great guy. Torrey got himself another ring and he contributed in the title game! Now he's off to Carolina where he's got a big arm QB and gotta say, am I pulling for him! Good on You Torrey Smith!!!!!!
  5. RayRayRaven

    The SuperBowl: Ours and Theirs

    It seems my recent history of rooting against the vile and unethical Patriots is rife with disappointment. Recently, thought the Jaguars had them and last year was certain the Falcons had them. This past Sunday, I decided watching the Cheaters games was only going to result in a hard fought...
  6. RayRayRaven

    Ozze's Last Hurrah

    If we have to endure the Gang of Four another year: Harball, Ozze, Decost and Bisciotti...we have to find time to give them a hand in the Draft, because that is where they are falling flat on our face. In regard to the foregoing, these are RayRayRaven's Surefire, Can't Miss if you Tried, cinch...
  7. RayRayRaven

    The Way We Were...

    Watching the Jaguars dominating performance today, couldn't help but be struck by the impression I was watching a Raven's Defense from years gone by. Even now, there playing for the Jaguars were players that should have been Ravens. Myles Jack was in on everything, we somehow passed him in the...