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  1. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Future Changes Coming

    Hello all, So some of you may have heard that I am leaving. Truth be told I did not like the direction the community was heading. And most of it is my fault. I wanted to expand, but instead, I became power-hungry. I have received some significant feedback from certain members who no longer post...
  2. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Breakout Players 2019

    Self-explanatory. I'll go first. No, Lamar isn't on this list. I don't expect for him to break out, I expect for him to improve. Tim Williams- If anyone has to break out on the roster, it's Tim Williams. When your best pass rusher on the exterior is Matt Judon, you have problems. Williams...
  3. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Article Rookie Rundown #5: Ben Powers, Oklahoma, G

    Rookie Rundown #5: Ben Powers, OG, Oklahoma My reputation in this community is likely known as the guy who hates James Hurst and Matt Skura more than anything. I’ve gotten a lot of flack for it, but make no mistake about it, we needed to address the trenches. If there’s anything from this draft...
  4. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Article Rookie Rundown #4: Justice Hill, RB, Oklahoma State

    Rookie Rundown #4: Justice Hill, RB, Oklahoma State Since 2015, the NFL has been experiencing a bit of a running back renaissance, with top level picks such as Todd Gurley, Ezekiel Elliot, Leonard Fournette, and Saquon Barkley all succeeding in some capacity at the NFL level. Even though it’s...
  5. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Article Rookie Rundown #3

    Rookie Rundown #3 Miles Boykin The poor draft record at the wide receiver position has not scared Eric DeCosta. I personally believe that our scared mentality has cost us more than poor evaluation. Sure, Breshad Perriman left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth but I would like to attribute his lack...
  6. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Article Rookie Rundown #2: Jaylon Ferguson

    The losses of Terrell Suggs and Za’Darius Smith look bad on paper, but it’s nothing the organization hasn’t faced before. We always lose these “marquee pass rushers” to lucrative pay days, only for them to do nothing else on any other team. Pernell McPhee being the one exception. Suggs hurts for...
  7. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Article Rookie Rundown #1. Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma

    Eric Decosta marked a clear changing of the guard. Ozzie Newsome’s otherwise spectacular career as a general manager has a massive hole, he could never draft the big-game wide receiver. Not all of this is his fault, our coaching staff never developed anyone, but the wide receiver mark is a...
  8. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    ********COMING SOON: ROOKIE RUNDOWN YEAR 2**************

    So my article series breaking down the rookies is going to be making a return pretty soon. I'll be linking all of them to this page for easy access. Yes @DeVito52 their will be gifs so you can actually comprehend stuff. I'll do my best to spread it around and actually do every player this...
  9. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Article Baltimore Ravens Offense: The NFL's Jackhammer

    The Ravens have undergone an identity shift over the past two years. The previous two offseasons accomplishing goals and a new example of forward thinking that finally seems up to modern times. The Baltimore Ravens have built a team predicated on multiple variables, but one seems to be getting...
  10. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    2020 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Alrighty everyone, time to start again since this never stops. When you have a 22 minute long highlight video for a single season, you're legit. This is who I am pounding the table for in 2020. Imagine him next to Marquise and Boykin. Jesus. All three would be able to play both outside and...
  11. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Article Baltimore Ravens 2019 Draft Grades

    Round One: Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma I have one concern about Brown: his frame. He’s very small, and lean, which to me is the bigger issue. Tyreek Hill was a bigger 175 coming out of school. Brown is going to need to put on 10, maybe 15 pounds of muscle to help him in the pros. Other than...
  12. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Welcome to Baltimore: Daylon Mack

  13. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Welcome to Baltimore Justice Hill, Ben Powers, and Iman Marshall

    Two great picks and one questionable olinemen. I don't see Powers as a fit, but I'm a huge fan of Iman Marshall and Hill.
  14. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Welcome to Baltimore: Jaylon Ferguson and Miles Boykin

  15. Lost_In_The_Sauce


    I have concerns about his health, but when healthy he's a monster. I'll take a track threat. I don't think he's a glove level perfect fit, but he's a threat.
  16. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Article Final Mock: Lost in Translation

    Lost Final Mock Well, it’s that time of the year again. The final countdown starts now. I decided to go an unconventional route. This isn’t based off of what I think we are going to do, but based off of what I think we should do. Ravens trade back to 26 for a fourth and a sixth(Sorry @Edgar...
  17. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Article Lost Mock #4

    Let’s DO IT Round One: T.J Hockenson, TE, Iowa Let’s be real. Hayden Hurst is a massive bust. He didn’t even catch a REAL touchdown and lost snaps to Maxx and Nicky Boyle. Mark Andrews, sex god that he is, is clearly the superior player. He’s ELITE. Hockenson is the next Gronkowski. There...
  18. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Article Lost Mock #3

    Lost Mock #3 Free Agency might not be over, but the painful endeavor of having to do another offseason it of itself is. Thank god. The only real loss the team has had has been CJ Mosley. We need to bolster the pass rush now and of course the interior line. It’s a rebuilding year for better or...
  19. Lost_In_The_Sauce


    For it is time glorious forum dwellers! New Dump Thread!
  20. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Lost Mock #2

    Yeah. I was bored. Mock time! The offseason stuff is mostly going to be the same. Offseason I am operating under the assumption that we tender everyone. Yes, even him. So yeah. Resign · CJ Mosley: Pay the man. He’s a key component of a super bowl caliber defense and is akin to having...