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Offensive Line Scoring: Week 9

Discussion in 'Filmstudy Baltimore' started by rossihunter2, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Ken McKusick provides notes and analysis on the offensive line play from Week 9 vs the New England Patriots.

    You can find that article HERE.
  2. Skura continues to impress, not sure what to think with Bozeman I hope he gets there. I'm hoping we go guard in the first round.
  3. Yeah I’m not sure about Bozeman either - he’s been part of this really consistently punishing OL but has consistently graded fairly poorly - he’s been pulling well but I’m not sure that’s enough

    I suppose we should just be glad he’s not a train wreck given the way training camp and the preseason went
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  4. I still think Bozeman may be ok. He looked good last year in 230 scored snaps. It does not seem to reflect well on Powers practice that he has yet to be active.
  5. Pending the results of these final 8 games, I'm hopeful the Ravens can find a good contract value for a 3-4 year deal with Skura. Both sides should be incented to deal a year early at the right price.
  6. not sure about that. You have to consider what Jensen got after one year of starting. If we can extend him on a value deal, that would be great, but realistically I don't think that is going to happen.
  7. i think part of that is purely down to mekari and he not really differentiating themselves in preseason but mekari can in a pinch play all 3 spots on the line (although if he's playing tackle then something's seriously gone wrong) and if skura were to get injured while the obvious answer would be to shift bozeman to centre and hurst to LG, there's some value to just plugging mekari in at centre and not disrupting 2 positions if that were to happen

    its not great but i dont know that him being inactive is an indictment of him versus mekari - and tbh neither of them are playing any snaps the only difference is which one is active on gamedays as the 7th OL
  8. that's kind of down to skura and whether he backs himself to make more if he holds out a year - because if he becomes a ufa he's going to be priced out of staying just like other OL before him
  9. I'd stay with these Ravens for 4/40 over going to any other team for 4/50
  10. seriously, we are going to pay Skura 4/40?
  11. I’ve been very critical of Skura’s play in the past and had hoped we would move on from him. Happy that he has come around and become a solid anchor for us.
  12. Have a thought of ZDS getting 66 ever crossed your mind?
  13. yes, but he didn't get that here now did he? So i ask again, do you think we will pay Skura 4/40?

    in my mind that's not a value based contract.
  14. would make him only the 8th highest paid center in the league - that's not bad value
  15. I think we're lucky if he accepts that.
  16. well if mitch morse can be let go than we can let skura go.

    one of the problems with paying him is that GRo may he offered a HC job in the next couple years if not this offseason and I feel he is a system player. No way he would be as good for all teams or schemes.

    If we can get Skura to be a good center, who's to say we can't draft one and make him good as well and have a cheap contract for four years.
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  17. i think 4 for 40 is pretty decent price for someone who's playing at an above average league level and maybe better - the problem is i dont think he takes 4 for 40
  18. probably not if that's 8th highest at this point.
  19. How long did it take for our C play to get to this level?
  20. Yep, 4/40 would be giving us a discount. It will come down to how much we value the position.

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