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Around the NFL: News and Rumors

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 5, 2017.

  1. Jimmy G will be out multiple weeks. Hello Trey Lance!
  2. I wanted Creed with the 31st pick, but I'm very happy with Oweh.
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  3. despite all the OT issues we're having, Oweh is making it very clear we shouldn't be worried about that trade at all lol
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  4. Thank God Bozeman has played well for us there.
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  5. This was amazing LMAO

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  6. damning thread

    got all the feeling of a 1 and done HC year for sure
  7. Yeaaaahhhh, it's a wrap. #HeGone

    Jags suck as it is, but now the team basically lost the locker room? Curtains.
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  8. He saw Trevor Lawrence coming out, thought he could ride Trevor's coattails to a successful NFL job but forgot the part where he has to actually be good at his job. Thankfully for Trevor he won't be further ruined by Meyer after this year.
  9. JuJu out for the season.
  10. I was just coming here to post that. Dislocated shoulder.

  11. The NFL found their scapegoat in Gruden, and now seem to be done with the WFT case as they do not plan to reopen the investigation or release materials publicly. So they outed Gruden in order to protect Snyder.

  12. i think the pressure is gonna grow to publicise that investigation - the 40ish employees of WFT who are stakeholders in the investigation will be wanting to see the findings and the NFL can't pretend that there's nothing damaging there because they just ended Gruden's career by releasing them...

    most obviously there's clearly stuff wrong because for Gruden to feel comfortable sending this stuff it's highly likely that others are sending similar stuff back
  13. All of the 650,000 emails the league has... have to wonder why the NFL is trying to hide it and won't release the findings on Washington. I wonder if there are things that might implicate them and hurt them in the St. Louis vs NFL case. Here's a pretty interesting thread about how the court date today where owners basically aren't implying with the court orders to turn over their financials. Also have to think there are plenty of findings that might confirm they conspired to keep Kaepernick out of the league, and some other dirty laundry that they don't want people finding out.

  14. There could be proof the NFL turned off the power in the super dome during the Super Bowl. Could also be a lot of nothing in those emails. Time will tell. What we know for sure …. Gruden is a moron.

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  15. Something tells me Derek Carr may have just put a target on his back by the league.

  16. Yep... totally not suspicious at all to announce this just days before this happens.

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