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Around the NFL: News and Rumors


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@RavensMania Maybe Red Wolves is still a possibility now. New Owner, name I say.

imo this would be good news. Stupid name that you can't shorten outside of calling them the Commies...lol.

They shouldn't keep the name that was connected to Snyder anyway. I don't think Red Wolves could be used due to trademark issue with other teams that would limit their ability to use the name. I think Redtails was the best option. Supposedly this was the name that came in 2nd in a nationwide graphic design contest. The name honors the Tuskegee Airmen, a unit of all African-American pilots in a segregated United States military during World War II that famously painted the tails of their planes red.


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Raiders should just cut their losses and tank. Can't believe they still signed him to that big contract despite this.