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Signings, Cuts, Trades

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by RavensMania, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. I'd prefer not to repeat last year watching our guys continuously fail to beat man coverage. One of the worst groups in the league

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  2. That is why you get Julio because over 50% of the time if you draft a WR, especially as a rookie, you are going to see that again.
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  3. In theory adding Villanueva and Houston after the draft could fill our major remaining holes with legitimate options. I think the 2021 Ravens might be looking DANGEROUS. It's just so annoying that Cleveland and Miami and Buffalo and KC all also look really good. Who knows the Patriots or the Chargers or the Colts might have amazing seasons. It's gonna be an absolute war in the AFC next year
  4. AFC is absolutely loaded with talent now
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  5. Cincinnati I wouldn’t call contenders but they’re gonna be a thorn in our balls starting this season.
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  6. I think it'll take another year or two. They won't get blown out of a lot of games, but they still have a LOT of defensive holes and still need multiple upgrades on the Oline. Will see what they do the next couple days.

    They're notoriously never spenders in FA really, despite usually having cap space. So frequently, what they get in the draft is what they have.
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  7. Never Spenders in FA. I have two words for you......Mike Brown
  8. The year or two thing is why I specifically said they’re not contenders but will be a pain in the ass, don’t be shocked if they sneak one by us this year, they have the ability to win flukey ass games with their skill positions. And they’ve been drafting well for years now.
  9. Sure. Wouldn't surprise me either. Will be a tough division this year, and I certainly think a division winner could go 4-2 or even 3-3 in the division. I'm certainly not expecting any single team to dominate.
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  10. I’m gonna be that guy. Does Bateman take us out of a post June Julio trade?
  11. Yes
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  12. absolutely and I don't think it would have happened anyway.
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  13. 100% yes, we've got Hollywood, Watkins, Duvernay, Proche, Watkins and now Bateman. I really don't think we've got space on the roster for a 7th WR, likely also means the end of the road for our futures contract WRs.
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  14. Dont worry Jaam we'll sign some free agents. May 3rd . :party:
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  15. And God forbid the unthinkable happens and Rodgers gets traded to DEN or LVR.
  16. Lol, good one.
  17. futures contract would be for the expanded rosters. They won't make the team.
  18. The only way we trade for him is Atlanta pays his salary and decides to do it for a mid round pick.

    You go it, no chance in hell.
  19. Signing Villanueva becomes super important now - there's options at the other spots on the OL but RT is Tyre Phillips right now unless we sign someone...
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  20. Please don’t entertain Buzz Killington
    #8620 JAAM, May 1, 2021
    Last edited: May 1, 2021
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