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Signings, Cuts, Trades

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by RavensMania, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Nah we’re just one of those teams who love using washed up backs at RB
  2. Think we’re getting carried away here, don’t nobody want another rb late in the back 9 of his career, taking away from our legit star RBs.

    why the fuck must we always insist on having these veterans leading a position group when we have younger guys who will run circles around them, we have a rb coach and the best run scheme in the league, let them work.

    but then again, he would be the best receiving back we’ve had since ray rice
  3. Justice kinda screwed himself with his inability to contribute in a consistent way on special teams. I’d prefer we keep justice , but Gurley would be a slight upgrade as the third back on vet min.

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  4. Hasn’t justice hill been good on ST?
  5. Yeah, I recall him making some good tackles out there.
  6. I don’t see the harm in Gurley, assuming it’s for the minimum with little to no guaranteed money. There aren’t many guys I’d scoff at for that price. I wouldn’t expect much out of him but our current RB4 options are Ty’Son Williams and Nate McCrary. We could use another body there.
  7. except he's not going to be starting and taking snaps away from Dobbins who's clearly the starter and Gus who's clearly the number 2 having just had a contract extension

    so if Gurley comes in he's coming in to be the 3rd RB
  8. would be riding the bench a little like Ingram at the end of the year and would only really factor if either Gus or JK was unavailable in a given week
  9. it's only a visit too - and it may also be that he'll get a ton of opportunities in preseason to prove his worth and maybe we're giving him a chance to take some preseason reps and put some tape out there for other teams in a favourable running offence

    but if he wants to be active for the Ravens he'll have to play special teams which seems unlikely
  10. he's been alright - he's been decent as a gunner at times but it was notable last year that Duvernay was instantly way better there
  11. How much can we realistically offer Houston with our cap situation? Anyone know?
  12. We would need to restructure a contract or two to sign him, so it really just depends on what market value is.
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  13. hard to say - it's going to be down to how much we're willing to adjust for him - we've not got a ton of flexibility in our cap with restructures to push money to the future (and seem like we dont want to do it either - have been really reluctant to touch stanley or humphrey's deals especially) and they're not using void years at all

    looks like we've got cap space right now to fit the draft picks, end of rule of 51 and practice squad + injured under cap for the year but nothing really spare at this point

    we've probably got the ability to make up to 10m but i doubt we want to have to do that because it pushes money into the future which we clearly dont want to do

    my guess is we're waiting for either houston or ingram's prices to come down significantly still and are happy enough with the group right now to wait it out - certainly they're not feeling a desperate need to sign anyone but id be surprised if we didnt add a vet to the room at some point

    this is what Jeff Zrebiec has said about Houston:
    Per Justin Houston, I haven’t heard anything recently. His asking price was significantly more than the Ravens were willing to pay earlier this offseason and it seems things have been in a stalemate since. That, however, can change with one phone call. On the surface, it makes too much sense not to happen.
    #9373 rossihunter2, Jun 10, 2021 at 1:05 PM
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2021 at 1:12 PM
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  14. Come on, man. You know the late models are for cruisin'. ;) :)
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  15. Agreed! However here is a question out of curiosity for the board: IF you could sign only one of Andrews or Hollywood, which one would it be? IF Bateman or the rest of the corps are mediocre at best (hopefully Bateman and crew make this a very easy question eventually)
  16. Andrews

    He's already proved to be one of the best at his position and has great chemistry with Lamar.
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  17. Love the logic. Thanks for answering!
  18. I don’t think we’ll pick up Hollywood’s 5th year option when the time comes

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