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The Random Thought Thread


Ravens Ring of Honor
What he say this time?
Something about Kyle not being worth the pick and taking a center at that spot was an awful idea. Taking a center top 10 makes no sense to me. Top 15 still a stretch. 20 and after I have no problem with. It seems like a bad pick until your team has a bad center.


Ravens Ring of Honor
Let’s fucking go Chiefs



Ravens Ring of Honor
Sorry to burst yall bubble... he made that up. She probably has no idea who Lamar is.

The giveaway should have been when saying our offense is fun to watch...


I third this, but I will say Ravens fans who weren't really old enough to remember Jamal will pick Ray Rice
2 things. Rice in his career fumbled 20 something times less, was a pass catching threat on a team that has never had that many of those, and never had the kind of carries Lewis had. If his career hadn't ended in the way it did, he would be considered the best RB in Ravens history. How old is he now? 35 or so. We may have won a SB in 2014 if we still had Rice. Just saying.