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The Random Thought Thread


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A lot has been said about the Ravens playing the Bengals in 3 of our last 4 games. Well here's a stat regarding 3 of the last 4. In 3 of our last 4 matchups against the Bengals, we have held their offense to 17 points.

Whatever Macdonald's game plan has been against them, @rossihunter2 and @29BmoreBird22 , it's been working so far. Kudos to him.

lamar is also 7-1 vs the bengals
including 3-0 on the road


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Good thing ours most likely will too when guys come back.

Forgive me for what I'm about to say...

Stephens has upped his game. Still fearful on deep balls. If he could just get better at tracking.
yeah, Stephens is good at keeping things in front of him and tackling, but when its a deep ball he can be toast.


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Also - Harbs wouldn’t comment on Odafe or Odell but I don’t think it’s anything serious for either of them


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