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J.K. Dobbins

Discussion in 'Filmstudy Baltimore' started by RavensMania, May 8, 2020.

  1. Ken is joined by Caleb Wharton to discuss the fit and value of JK Dobbins in the Ravens offense. You can find the podcast here.
  2. Dobbins is a good football player. He's not a ''special'' type of back. He'll make us better but I don't think he'll be earning a 2nd contract with us.
    He'll be a very good weapon in the next 3 years though.
  3. I don't know. We all probably thought the same thing about Rice. Even Harbs said Rice was better than what he thought he would be. Plus Dobbins is going to the most ideal offense possible, and excels out of Shotgun and has Ingram as a mentor. I have EXTREMELY high hopes for the kid.
  4. I just don't think he's the type of guy you'd struggle to replace if you make him a priority to replace. That even applies to Ray Rice.
  5. Let’s just say I’d rather have Dobbins than Collins, Buck, Dixon, etc lol
  6. Buck was crap

    Dixon, I'll say to this day as a PROSPECT and what he showed when healthy was a potential all pro. When healthy he was our best back. Eye test etc
  7. his contract will be 4 years and I'd agree we probably wouldn't extend a RB.
  8. Dixon was very good coming out and broke a ton of tackles. Second most in the league in his rookie year. The only reason he didn't work out in Baltimore was not being available.
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  9. Any time you take a RB this high in the draft, he better be a guy who will produce quickly. In Dobbins case, he has a lot of treadwear from OSU, so I don't see a 2-contract player either.

    If the Ravens like Dobbins, then I do. They have a great record of uncovering value when they stray from obvious need selections. That said, I think this team could have been fine with another set of PS backups by style acquired from other teams' cuts and the draft capital spent was significant.
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  10. Yup. What I like about him is that there are no glaring holes in his game. HIs vision is his strongest point which is a big indicator of success. He's basically a B-B+ grade across all the attributes you look for in a RB. He has no real weakness.

    His weakest point is maybe that lacking of an extra gear of speed when he's in the open field i've seen him being caught up with. Ray Rice wasn't a burner either. I suppose that's why my favorite rb in the draft was JT, when he gone...he gone.

    Etienne is also another example of a player who has that extra gear.
  11. Many parts where this Buck slander could get your knee caps shattered.
  12. But this isn’t Reddit! We might be safe on here from getting BUCKED
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