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Preaseason 3 Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Aug 23, 2017.

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  1. Damit....peanut just took ruined it for hill....
  2. onwuasor just looks better in coverage than correa and much more decisive - and correa is still hesitating in running plays...
  3. Great recap. Thanks.

    I got this at the state fair.

    BBQ Sundae.
    Corn bread on the bottom. Pulled pork, slaw on top with BBQ sauce.


    View attachment 151
  4. Thad for #2
  5. Nice job Lewis. Nice job.
  6. By default ?
  7. tbf that didnt look like that clearcut of a hold
  8. You've seen the other options right? lol
  9. not liking this Tucker out crap at all. He'd better not be really hurt.
  10. Sadly I have.
  11. it was confirmed he's fine - he's just been taken out of the game like other vets who dont need anymore snaps
  12. tim williams looking better vs the run today
  13. Really?
  14. and now that i said this he's hobbling
  15. Yes really. He's that good.
  16. Seems pretty obvious Tim Williams got hurt, smh
  17. Nvm he was in on that false start
  18. Tim Williams is back in.
  19. Our defense is clutch!!
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