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Week 4 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Sep 30, 2017.

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  1. Not with Joe as our starter we're not stuck.
  2. yep he's literally the thing that held us back today - i mean apart from the oline but he didnt help them and they didnt help him either - it pisses me off because he made his best throw ive seen in ages today but accompanied it with some of his worst
  3. He's gotten progressively worse but there were always potential reasons for his horrible play, but it seems it was him all along.
  4. its lev bell and the steelers - refs never give us that call - just look back on a number of lev bell running tds
  5. Yeah it's weird. Like the third quarter he looked like his old self. Then reverted back into utter shit.
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  6. I'm just sick. We can't have nice things and haven't for 4 years now
  7. Why any FA wide receiver would possibly want to come and play with Flacco is baffling to me. One of the worst QB's in the league.
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  8. It's bull shit. I'm tired of refs missing obvious calls that I can easily see at first glance.
  9. When are the Ravens going to have the balls to call Flacco out? If it doesn't happen, this guy will continue to hold us back resting on his 2012 playoff laurels.
  10. I don't think you have to worry about a high pick next year but we all have to be concerned about whether or not that pick immediately goes to injured reserve... or to another team (that was a Flacco joke; get it? Cause he is a joke).
  11. His mechanics and decision making has regressed to the point that even with good personnel around him, we'd still see a lot of the same shit we're seeing now.
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  12. There are so many people deserveing of a ban in this thread
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  13. to bad they closed the old forums.

    the flacco thread would have been lit lol
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  14. i mean you can still make those excuses but he just doesnt look like 2014/playoff flacco
  15. More cheerleaders than fans.....nice check down joe
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  16. Flacco to Perriman defines what's wrong with us!
  17. Who is the best QB in the 2018 draft?
  18. And perriman with another drop. He's had a lot of real excuses but I'm tired of his shit too. He has looked horrible even when given good passes. I try to give him a break because I know his potential and he had a solid 2016 season, but nah, I'm done with it.
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  19. We need to mortgage all the picks we need to get the best QB in the draft next year.
  20. Oh don't worry there will be excuses...
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