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Week 9 Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Nov 5, 2017.

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  1. I saw that too. It just sounds too good
  2. The final timeout and Flacco is sauntering off the field like opening the door for somebody he doesn't want to see! Man this guy is the worst QB with little time in the history of the league. He's got to make the list at least.
  3. if I were callin the shots, id fire harball after this game.......trade flacco for whatever we can get and play mallet for the 4-12 record
  4. well we can always hope perriman gets that big play in green bay that will jump start his breakout
  6. Probably is.
    But if this is the case we need to make at least a run for him
  7. What an abomination of the offense. We take ineptitude to the stratosphere levels. 2 min offense like they have never played football before.
  8. Chuck it into the endzone
  9. It just makes your blood boil looking at the leisurely way Flacco operates this offense in crunch time. It's like he's already given up. Harbaugh is gesturing on the sidelines like he's been bit by a rabid dog and it has no effect on Flacco! LOL
  10. just googled the kubiak article - here are unfortunately the problems with him deciding to come here:

    1) he wants to be OC for a contender
    2) he wants to the right qb situation
    3) he only wants to start in 2018 which would mean keeping marty here for the rest of the year
    4) we'd probably switch back to a zone running game despite the fact that power running has been the only positive element of this offence all year
  11. How soon would he like to return? Because Baltimore has their bye week...

    I'm just saying.

    The really negative part of me wants to say that Baltimore won't move on from Marty until midway through next season after Kubiak signs with like Cincy or someone.
  12. They waisted way too much time
  13. Interesting fit with new oline scheme
  14. no urgency and we arent throwing to the endzone... why the fuck not?
  15. Get the fuck out of bounds
  16. Aww...
  17. he takes a 7-9 team and makes it a playoff team...we need him in the worst way
  18. I'm waiting for the moment Harbs calls out the offense in the press conference
  19. We need to give him everything he wants
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