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Week 9 Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Nov 5, 2017.

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  1. and that kick never had a fucking chance
  2. Point 3 could work in Baltimore's favor for point 1) John talks a good game. After the Ravens finish near .500 he could argue that they are just a good OC away from winning a couple more games and being in the playoffs.
    2) Kubiak had a good experience with Flacco so he might not hate it here. Alternatively, they can use his input to draft someone next year.
    3) Baltimore seems bound and determined to stay the course so they probably won't be ready until next year either.
    4) This offense is atrocious. That is a sacrifice I would support.
  3. 4-5 game game over
  4. Weddle already congratulating the Titans. This team is so lackadaisical in their desire right now, it is pathetic.
  5. That onside kick was pathetic.
  6. i dont understand trying to be cute there. oh well, this team has deeper issues. cant wait to hear harbs say we battled
  7. He's too chicken shit to do that!
  8. we physically couldnt stop them from victory formation there
  9. Great job guys you suck and nothing is going to change. No coaches will be fired nothing.
  10. You watch that stuff
  11. the good news is we outgained and out first downed them substantially.........but always felt they played conservatively with the lead.

    we need kubiak
    give us kubiak or give us relocation!
  12. im gonna be so pissed if he puts this on the defence - the defence gave up 1 bad drive which went for 7 points in the 4th quarter - otherwise played a pretty good game
  13. No playoffs again this year. Even more of a disaster offence then last year. Some major changes have to happen.
  14. make that season over.
  15. I just want Indy and Cleveland to start winning these games now so we'll have a chance at a top 10 pick.
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  16. Lol people crazy. If they had taken the points instead of going for it. Then Weddle INT five plays later is negated from where it occurred, so the offense doesn't get an easy Td drive.

    To look back and pretend everything else would occur the same and the game would be tied is silly.
  17. Now we can safely get off the hopeful horse and start discussing the draft and who needs to be fired! Exciting times ahead folks!
  18. disagree in the nfl with a weak offensive team you always take the points when the game is still in the balance........you can play what ifs.....and harball will because his judgement in that regard is always flawed. he needs to go
  19. dude if you go to the 2018 nfl draft section that's been happening since the steelers loss and definitely the bears loss
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