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2021 Baltimore Orioles

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by JO_75, Apr 1, 2021.

  2. I really went to the Mariners game yesterday just to miss the no no through 8 so far come on..
  4. Damn, he was so close to the perferct game

  5. Some good company
  6. Damn bro...
  7. We better keep Means in the long term, no trading him for more farm players. He can be the pitcher we build our rotation around in the future. Enjoying how competitive the team has been this young season, let's hope this team keeps going and makes an unexpected playoff run.
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  8. He has 3 more years of control left, so any offer we get would have to be amazing, in which case I'd be ok with trading him. That's unlikely though, so I can't wait to have a rotation with him, Hall, and Rodriguez.
  9. Really happy for Means and it is great to see an Orioles player get a no hitter
  10. I may have to take a trip up there to see him though if he keeps it up I may have to go down to Norfolk
  11. Look at the AL East. We are last but look how competitive and close the division is. Start a 4 game series against Boston tonight... we need to split it or somehow take 3 of 4.

    Red Sox 19-13
    Rays 18-15
    Blue Jays 16-14
    Yankees 16-15
    Orioles 15-16
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  12. Of all people to throw a no hitter less than a week after Means did, it's Wade Miley??
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  13. I feel like we are so much closer to competing the way we are playing this season, we need to find some good depth behind Means and get some hitting power to take advantage of Means when he starts.
  14. It's looking promising but we probally are gonna need one more year. We'll probally be sellers when the trade deadline arrives with guys like Sandoval, Vasquez, Galvis and Franco possibly netting some good returns but if we start going on a serious winning streak you bever know.
  15. I'm not sure who Sandoval and Vasquez are, do you mean Severino and Valdez? I don't think any of them will get quality prospects back, but I'd be fine trading them.
  16. Yes Severino and Valdez.
  17. Baltimore Sports teams.... can't ever get all phases working as a unit. With the Ravens, it's either the offense is good enough to win the game, defense gives up wins. Or the defense is amazing but the offense can't up points. Now the same thing with the Orioles, we finally get decent pitching to be competitive and now the bats go silent. Trey is the only one showing up to do anything on offense.
  18. The Orioles and Ravens are not comparable at any level.

    Maybe if Steve buys the Os they’ll have a fighting chance. Until then, they are well on their way to the worst record in baseball...

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  19. What’s worse, the pandemic actually saved the Os from 3 straight 100 loss seasons.( 18: 115, 19: 108) We’re well on track for another 100 loss season this year. It’s impressive to be consistently awful like that

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  20. Score Update as the Orioles 17 runs is now the most runs scored by the Orioles since May 13th, 2018.

    #40 JO_75, Jun 6, 2021
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