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Way-Too-Early Prospect Watch: 2022

Discussion in '2022 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, May 1, 2021.

  1. Linderbaum is a really fun prospect. If Bozeman was playing at just an average level rather than playing excellent, I’d be all over linderbaum.
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  2. He'd be a luxury pick, and we certainly have needs elsewhere, but man I would love seeing Oweh's former teammate, Jaquan Brisker, joining the Ravens' defense. He's an absolute tone setter at Safety and just seems to be everywhere the ball is.

    Juanyeh Thomas would also be a great safety pickup. Vocal leader, and really fiery; plus just super athletic and great instincts. Either would be a real upgrade at FS.
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  3. John Ridgeway DT/DE, Arkansas, 6'6'' 320lbs, imo the best replacement for Calais that we would have a chance at drafting. Amazing hands, always fighting, and keeps his head up during runs and manipulates the blocker well when he has 2 gap responsibilities. Him next to Madubuike and Oweh would be a dream for me. I hope he declares so we can take him in the late 2nd/early 3rd.
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  4. bueno, con este triunfo los simuladores de draft ya nos ubican en la posición 31 para elegir, un lugar dificil, por suerte a ese lugar siempre me llega Nicholas Petit Frere, y se hace dificil no tomar al talentoso Ot de Ohio, puede jugar en ambos lados, pero comenzaria en el lado derecho, dicen que los Rt no se toman en primera ronda, pero.....
    2 jugadores interesantes que observé, Zion Jhonson ( jugó tackle y guard ) y Alec Lindstrom ( center ) ambos de Boston College, interesantísimos, si de alguna forma pudieramos terminar con ellos 3, Lamar tiene linea asegurada por años y en contratos de novatos.

    well, with this triumph the draft simulators already place us in position 31 to choose from, a difficult place, luckily that place always reaches me Nicholas Petit Frere, and it becomes difficult not to take the talented Ot from Ohio, he can play in both sides, but it would start on the right side, they say that the Rt's are not taken in the first round, but .....
    2 interesting players that I observed, Zion Jhonson (played tackle and guard) and Alec Lindstrom (center) both from Boston College, very interesting, if somehow we could finish them 3, Lamar has a guaranteed line for years and in rookie contracts
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  5. Devin Lloyd, LB, Utah, is a guy I think would be a great pick in the 2nd round. I know we drafted Queen and Malik a couple years ago but they are clearly not it at ILB, at least not rn, and there isn't anyone promising behind them. Looks like coverage used to be his biggest weakness but it has progressed during his time in college and can be considered one of his strength now, which is a good sign not just for the on-field ability but his ability to identify weaknesses and work on them.
  6. plenty of good RT have been taken in the 1st round. One just a few years ago is one of if not the best tackles at any position, by the name Ryan Ramczyk. I believe he was drafted right around 31 or so. We have to consider that we have Ja'Wan James whom we signed in the offseason on a cheap deal due to his achilles injury. He should be a very good right tackle, so I'm not sure we go RT in the first round, but I'm all about best player available.

    Welcome to the board, glad I could bring you over from RSR. We have an excellent draft thread and it will be broken out by position after the season. You also want to follow @Edgar youtube channel. He is a member on this board as well and @rossihunter2 also does some nice breakdowns.

    We post a bunch of breakdowns in the Film Breakdowns thread also. Look around and familiarize yourself with the board.
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  7. yeah with the interest in some particular positions it might be worth starting the positional threads soon
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  8. [QUOTE = "RavensMania, publicación: 299420, miembro: 13"] se han obtenido muchos buenos RT en la primera ronda. Uno de hace apenas unos años es uno de los mejores tackles en cualquier posición, llamado Ryan Ramczyk. Creo que fue reclutado alrededor de los 31 años más o menos. Tenemos que considerar que tenemos a Ja'Wan James a quien firmamos en la temporada baja con un trato barato debido a su lesión de Aquiles. Debería ser un muy buen tackle derecho, así que no estoy seguro de que vayamos a RT en la primera ronda, pero soy el mejor jugador disponible.

    Bienvenido a la junta, me alegro de poder traerte de RSR. Tenemos un excelente proyecto de hilo y se desglosará por puestos después de la temporada. También quieres seguir el canal de youtube de [USER = 94] [USER = 94] @Edgar [/ USER] [/ USER]. Él también es miembro de esta junta y [USER = 9] @ rossihunter2 [/ USER] también hace algunas averías interesantes.

    También publicamos un montón de desgloses en el hilo de Desglose de películas. Mire a su alrededor y familiarícese con la pizarra. [/ CITA]

    ¡¡¡gracias jefe!!!
    Sí, sé de Ramscyk y otros, solo que al ser un puesto no tan importante en el Ol generalmente no se usan 1 rondas, en algún lugar leo: LT> RG> C> RT> LG en orden de importancia.
    hoy en día, creo que Petit Frere sería BPA en ese puesto, más que por necesidad (según el simulador, claro)
    Gracias por la invitación y espero que mi participación sea grata

    ¡¡¡Gracias jefe !!!
    Sí, sé de Ramscyk y otros, solo que al ser un puesto no tan importante en el Ol generalmente no se usan 1 rondas, en algún lugar leo: LT> RG> C> RT> LG en orden de importancia.
    hoy en día, creo que Petit Frere sería BPA en ese puesto, más que por necesidad (según el simulador, claro)
    Gracias por la invitación y espero que mi participación sea grata
  9. i like nicholas petit-frere very much. zion johnson and and alec lindstrom i really did not like on film, both appeared very uncoordinated and clumsy and lacked control over their movements. petit-frere though is a guy i would like in a trade back, trevor penning is my favorite value at OT though, by far, big fan of him in round 2
  10. i love how outlandish some mock results can be, check this one out...

    59. abraham lucas
    63. sam williams
    90. jahan dotson
    101. verone mckinley
    107. emil ekiyor
    130. tyler goodson
    133. jeremy ruckert
    137. isaiah pola-mao
    138. zion tupuola-fetui
    143. amari gainer
    145. jaquan brisker
    173. jordan williams
    178. martin emerson
    183. boye mafe
    184. john ridgeway
    190. jermaine waller
    192. roger mccreary

    outlandish trade offers for quantity of picks, make a trade back with 2 of your top 4 picks and you end up picking over 15 players. and most of them seem totally unrealistic. its fun at least.

    btw i checked out abraham lucas for the first time last night, one game watched and hes very high on my list already, he looks fucking stellar. sam williams is a very fun OLB prospect, hes a dominant athletic freak
  11. Sorry, can you post the english to this post?
  12. thanks boss!!!
    Yes, I know from Ramscyk and others, just being a not so important position in the Ol generally 1 rounds are not used, somewhere I read: LT> RG> C> RT> LG in order of importance.
    nowadays, I think Petit Frere would be BPA in that position, more than out of necessity (according to the simulator, of course)
    Thank you for the invitation and I hope my participation is pleasant
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  13. Español
    en otro foro, mis 2 primeros prospectos para los Ravens fueron Abraham Lucas y Tariq Castro Fields, los veo y encajan perfectamente en el molde Raven.
    Lucas quizas no es muy atlético pero te pone las manos y no te moves más, y hace bien el movimiento de tirar en el juego terrestre.
    Fields es un cb al que no lanzan para su lado.

    on another forum my first 2 prospects for the Ravens were Abraham Lucas and Tariq Castro Fields, I see them and they fit the Raven mold perfectly.
    Lucas may not be very athletic but he puts his hands on you and you don't move anymore, and he does the throwing movement well in the running game.
    Fields is a cb that they don't throw to his side
  14. you can also follow everyone in the game threads

  15. IMG_20211011_133441.jpg This is our player situation in 2022, only players with contracts, taking over-the-cap as a reference.
    can show some tendency about the decisions to follow.
    está es nuestra situación de jugadores en el 2022, solo jugadores con contratos, tomando como referencia overthecap.
    puede mostrar alguna tendencia sobre las decisiones a seguir
  16. lets hope Ronnie Stanley is back by then and if he is, I don't know if we bring back AV. I do believe J. James will be the starting right tackle next season or at the very least back up swing tackle with Mekari starting as he's doing a good job. Cutting AV will save a bunch on the cap.
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  17. Hopefully they'll take a flyer on a 'needs development' high upside mid round tackle, someone who is likely to just be a backup but has the physical tools and so a chance at being more. The tackle rooms been a bit too thin this year!
  18. FA Ravens list in 2022: Patrick Ricard Sammy watkins Eric Tomlison Bradley Bozeman Patrick Mekari (Rfa) Pernell McPhee Justin houston Brandon williams Calais campbell Justin ellis Chris Board Lj Fort Anthony Averett Chris Westry (Rfa) Jimmy smith Anthony Levine Dishon elliot Geno Stone
  19. this is cool although would probably be worth adding the ERFAs like Tystan Colon here

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