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The College Football Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Dom McRaven, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. @rossihunter2 , so what's the deal with Rattler regarding intangibles? I know he was WAYY overhyped, but I don't know shit about the story behind his immaturity/assholish ways.
  2. he's got a ton of arm talent and decent athleticism

    but i dont think he's got it mentally - really simple offence where i dont think he has to read much, doesn't see the field well, frequently eschews open guys to just wing it downfield, doesnt have the short-term memory that you have to have

    he's frequently late on throws and breaks the pocket for no reason - to me he just doesnt look comfortable in the pocket - he doesnt see the blitz, he doesnt see guys who are wide open

    idk maybe he believed his own hype and maybe he can bring it back but i dont see someone who's an NFL quarterback (and tbh might not even be a college qb anymore either lol)
  3. it still kills me every time one of these kids gets ejected for targeting - keep the foul and if it's egregious or malicious then you have the judgement call to potentially toss them but it should just be the yardage and maybe 1 of 2 towards disqualification like taunting etc.
  4. Oh shit, you right. This dude think he all that.

  5. Well.... this did not go as planned.

  6. New CFP projections
    1. Georgia
    2. Iowa
    3. Oklahoma
    4. Cincinnati!!

    This is likely based off Ohio St and Alabama losing their conference title games. Undefeated Cinci will get in over any two loss team but a one loss Bama or Ohio state probably not.

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  7. Pickett is going to be the 1st qb off the board. Book it
  8. How the hell did Iowa.......???
  9. Is it me or is there more parity in the Top 25 this year compared to past years? I mean Cincinnati is having a hell of a season, Alabama is ranked 5th, Clemson is not where it was, LSU, etc. I know for most schools they lost a lot of talent to the NFL in recent years but it finally feels like there is some parity in College Football.
  10. that’s what happens when there’s no clear top QBs and especially when the big programs don’t have the top QBs
  11. It's those nasty Pittsburgh Steelers unis Dom.
  12. Wth happened to Clemson?? Good lord!!
  13. Trevor Lawrence left... that's what happened.
  14. that team is Solid still. DJ has just been a tremendous let down. No one could have seen that coming the way he was recruited.

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  15. Right now it looks like Cincy and Oklahoma are in dog fights tho Oklahoma just did a nice touchdown drive to close the gap.
  16. I had to look this guy up but Clemson/Pitt could be a good game to watch.
  17. Pickett is the guy. You're not going to regret watching him play

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