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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Raiders Week 1 Edition

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. Yeah I'm aware he's trolling. I just like to make trolls look bad. I'm just not going to entertain any concept that involves claiming that NFL organizations are "high character", and that cussing on Twitter is somehow a major character flaw, while ignoring actual crimes and moral obligations that NFL players, including Ravens, routinely break or ignore.
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  2. I typically ignore him, but was about to say it as well. He is one of the highest character players in the 50 yrs I've been watching the NFL.
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  3. I typically ignore him as well. I'm all for you putting him in his place though.
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  4. And finally, we appreciate @rmcjacket23

    I’m sure he doesn’t give a shit whether we appreciate or hate him though lmao
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  6. I think @rmcjacket23 brings a shit ton to this board. We may not always see eye to eye but his analysis is definitely appreciated and brings new/different perspectives to light. Have a lot of respect for the guy, debates or no debates
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  7. Finally got through the coaches film and a few positives that have only been mentioned a little bit:

    • Bozeman and Zeitler looked good - didn't blow any blocks and were good in pass pro - Zeitler has that annoying hitch before running plays but otherwise did well - Bozeman might be the best OL on the line right now which is both cool and also really worrying
    • Unsurprisingly Houston looked really good coming off the edge but also in run defence
    • Queen looks much more decisive and quicker to trigger - still needs to be better getting off blocks but he's flying around the field and making good quick decisions
    • Hollywood was even more open than the targets he got - Lamar could have hit him in the middle of the field for decent gainers a few more times in this game
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  8. It's nice to talk a few positives for a change!
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  10. and this is aside from the more obvious positives: odafe oweh, averett, chuck clark, marlon, most of lamar's game, hollywood+watkins
  11. I genuinely think the team is still in good shape outside of tackle. It's just that tackle could be enough to tank the season if they don't get a hold on it.
  12. 100% it's enough to tank a season - it basically already tanked the first game and that was with Ronnie in the lineup...
  13. Far Far Far worse? How old are you?

    This is no forum for discussing Football Intelligence. Its incredulous to even suggest trying to build a bridge from here to there. For most this is a forum for devoted allegiance. You want that? Sure you do! Don't ask for that here however. Homey don't roll that way. One has to have athletic intelligence to recognize the problems. And more than that to provide the solution. Lamar scrambles to prevent throwing Interceptions. Do you know why he's so afraid of the Pick? Lamar is going to continue to fumble while trying to be an NFL running back rather than an NFL Quarterback. When he is sufficiently reprimanded for continually running and fumbling and is forced to change his reactionary game, his interceptions are going to climb skyward.

    If Lamar were nearly the player you have framed him to be, the Ravens will have a great year and not last in the League in Passing.
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  14. That was uncalled for man. Sadly this team could have a similar fate with the hits our secondary keep taking, god forbid something happens to… you know what, not gonna say it. But alas, we are always asking what could have been if Jimmy Smith didn’t get hurt
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  15. certainly does have that feeling. Everytime Lamar drops back, I'm going to be holding my breath.
  16. Good post I just think the only chance Marlon had was if the pass was bobbled a few times, at that point we were so deflated we deserved to lose.
  17. Why trade a generational talent though?
  18. How many draft busts do you need to see though? You are correct, it would be a no brainer, to not do it. Lamar cares about football more than many players I see, he wants to deliver us a super bowl. He threw the ball well on Monday , he’s not the reason we lost, without him we don’t score 27. His fumbles sucked but the 2nd one never should of happened, he won us the game at the end of regulation, and I was a huge Flacco world order member

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