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Next Up: vs Chiefs

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. Ravens depth chart

  2. maybe he can use that anger on the AFCN teams.
  3. Are we down to Cleveland and Colon for depth ? Lol

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  4. Indeed we are. And then one of Ealy or Andre Smith from the PS...
  5. I’m scared for Lamar, honestly. This shit is bordering on ridiculous at this point.
  6. 8 OL on the active roster but 1 of them definitely won't be active which means we lose an active spot on gamedays unless we elevate someone lol - i imagine either Smith or Ealy is coming up to the 53 on Saturday
  7. I'm hopeful for Ealy, he may be a WIP, but at least a chance he'll be something at some point. Got to feel that ship has sailed with Andre Smith...
  8. Does this move AV back to LT then?

    I want no parts of Smith on this OL

  9. suggests smith not ealy
  10. A great opportunity for some young guys to shine??

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  11. Not sure it matters in the grand scheme of things, but I'm pretty sure you just need 8 active OL to get to the 48 spots. So whether that's an elevation or a guy on the 53 doesn't really matter.

    The bigger thing will be figuring out who they want to bring up. If you have 3 guys you want to play on the PS, then a vet like Smith probably just goes to the 53 because you can cut him the day after with no risk. Not that cutting him would be a risk anyways...
  12. Looks like we’re wearing purple jerseys/ white pants. We need the all purple! Best uniform we have hands down , no shut up I don’t care about the all blacks

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  13. speaking of which. Is James Hurst available?

    Yeah yeah yeah, I'll relegate myself to the Pit of Misery.

    @Dom McRaven you may want to throw away the key.
  14. I'd take him fresh off the street over Smith. Thought he was on the Saints though


    oh and btw duvernay left early after special teams portion of practice with a groin problem...
  16. Y'all remember 2015?
  17. Join the party! We'll be departing the Pit of Misery on Sunday morning.
  18. If I didn't have to see this blasphemy today......
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  19. Not sure we had as many injuries that year as this year even. More impactful perhaps, especially once Smitty and Flacco both went down.
  20. glad to finally meet you in the Pit. Any BBQ available?

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