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Next Up: vs Chiefs

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum and I agree.
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  2. Haha nice

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  3. Welcome to the Flock! Glad to have you onboard with us this year.

    As far as the Chiefs go… yeah, this one will be extremely tough. It would be a tough game if we were fully healthy… it would take a Lamar miracle to pull this off with half our team and many key players out
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  4. Man why does this game have to be prime time this shit bout to be embarrassing
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  5. Thanks man! Not to look back but I had a bad feeling when they traded Orlando Brown with Stanley coming off that injury. In their haste to accomodate him they screwed themselves and the irony is, Brown could have played left tackle for what will probably be at least half the season. Belichik would have never done what they did.
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  6. welcome to the boards!
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  7. I get what you’re saying but looking long-term, IF Oweh becomes a pro bowl caliber player, we’ll be forgetting about Brown in a few years. Especially if we fix up a few OL spots

    Also, a lot of people talk about Brown as if he actually would have played. Who knows, maybe he would’ve held out because he wanted to be an LT? Say Stanley stayed healthy. What then?
  8. IF my aunt had cojones she would be my uncle. :-)
    I’d trade Oweh and whatever else we got back to the Chiefs to get Brown back. Wish we would have found a way to make him a Raven for life.
  9. No thanks. Outside of the personal connections and feel good stories, there’s absolutely no way we would’ve paid up for him and looking long term, if Oweh pans out I’ll take him every single time
  10. Oweh was rated as the best rated rookie defensive performance of the NFL first game by many analysts.
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  11. Tank this is 2021 and we have at least 73 genders so your aunt would now be a giraffe.

    OO all the way.
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  12. Ravens with the upset, Lamar is due against Mahomes, not to mention the fans are finally back and should be loud
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  13. Q
    feel good stories….. I know there’s a shit ton of people that would be feeling good if Brown were playing either tackle position for the Ravens Sunday night. lol
  14. You know that’s a fair point that we maybe under valuing . Fans . It will certainly provide a more intense atmosphere. Much like 2019 when we spoked the previously undefeated Pats. Of course we were healthy but yea who knows

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  15. And I know a hell of a lot of people who would be buying Oweh jersey’s and singing his praises if he ultimately becomes a perennial pro bowl pass rusher too
  16. There's always the chance AV plays better at LT. What do you think of Ealy at RT and Mekari at LG?
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  17. I cant go out like this.. i just cant. Everyone hitting me up trying get me to bet.lets go ravens. Aint letting nobody punk me..
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  18. We've lost people on both sides of the ball. Couldn't block last week and while I'm not about wishing injuries on people, of all the tackles to take(looking at you AV) it had to be Stanley? We fucking lost the left side of our OL in 1 game, which double sucks because the LG was our best backup RT. Lost our "depth" who was now damn near a key rotation player on defense in Westry. Have yet to see our "#1wr" play meaningful snaps, couldn't stop the ONE person we knew they'd go to on offense, and now face probably the best offense in the AFC. I might start smoking again Sunday. This season so far can eat a whole bag of dicks.
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  19. Can you make a bet? I’m hitting you up too now
  20. Chiefs alt line
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