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Next Up: vs Chiefs

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. Why not? Give it a go
  2. Where ya sitting?
  3. Difference is between this scenario and 2019 is that in 2019, our offensive line was MUCH better and we were coming off a bye week. Besides, the Pats defense that year was getting HELLA overrated.
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  4. Plus this KC team has been elite for a few years now and has been following the same elite recipe with the same elite success for that long. This isn’t a fly by night fluky team who will shy away from the crowd
  5. Im in the upper decks by the 20. 3rd row back. Can’t beat free.
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  6. Agree on AV improving playing his natural position. Obviously Ealy is unproven and will need to step up, and Mekari has pretty much performed at the least adequately anywhere they’ve played him.
  7. A whole bag? lol
  8. You tail gating or anything? I’ll definitely wouldn’t mind drinking a beer with you or something if time is found. Never met another pf member in person
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  9. Lmaoo
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  10. I do feel like this year will be less embarrassing. The expectations for the team are really low because of all the injuries. No analysts are providing the Chiefs with bulletin board material. None of the Ravens players are framing this as the most important game on the schedule. The NFL 100 didn’t rank Mahomes behind Lamar. Hell, maybe if KC underestimates this game it ends up pretty close.
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  11. Travis Kelce said he forgot who he was playi this week. But we’ve only seen Lamar in this situation once before and it was against the titans in the playoffs so maybe your right
  12. Boy I’ve had a fucking last few days. Finished my summer internship Wednesday in San Fran and immediately started my solo 14 hour drive up to my college in Seattle. Stopped in Eugene for a concert on the way, got to my new house for a solid 45 minutes, straight to sea tac - to Sacramento - to La - red eye to Baltimore, and now I’m here. Ready for Jimmy’s seafood and I’m losing my voice tomorrow no matter what screaming at the game. Bitch of a week traveling but whenever I have a chance to catch a ravens game (with them being so far) I take it
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  13. Sounds rough man but congrats on completing the internship! Glad you’ll be here rooting for us
  14. Looks like Stanley will be out . Yikes . Don’t see a win here
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  15. Stanley will be out for a long time
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  16. not a chance that could happen. No way would we be paying him 20m per. I also don't see him being as good with the Chiefs and although it's one game he allowed the most pressures of his career. He allowed 5 pressures.
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  17. Well obviously it won't/couldn't happen because we are paying Stanley basically the same money, and it's looking more and more like that may be another extremely unfortunate long term contract.

    It was all hypothetical said to make a point. IMO we need a shift in philosophy that makes O line a priority. It's not just an old adage, games are won and lost at the LOS. I hope I'm wrong but I said it pre season, I just don't see the Ravens competing for a championship with the group we have playing O line.
    #177 Tank, Sep 18, 2021
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2021
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  18. I don't have any issues with the rest of Stanley's contract. He will be fine.
  19. I’ll be in the hospitality tent unfortunately. Work perks
  20. I'm lucky enough to have met @Truth on multiple occasions as he lives minutes away from me. Of course we also talk / text daily. When @lost was in town for work on an internship all three of us went out to a downtown bar / restaurant. Had both of them over for a draft party as well.

    You're just in the wrong part of the country.
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