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Week 2 Discussion: Waiting All Day For Sunday Night

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by JO_75, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. Week one saw young QBs shine likely giving us a preview of the next decade of Quarterbacks in the NFL. While the future is bright at the QB position, it is now time to put the rest all the overreactions from week one. TNF Kicks off with Joe Judge and the Giants visiting Washington and new starting Quarterback Taylor Heinicke. The rest of week 2 sees the Andy Dalton Bowl, The Tyrod Taylor Bowl all ending with a Monday Night NFC North Showdown in Green Bay.

    Giants @ Washington: Ryan Fitzpatrick suffered a hip injury during the week one loss to the Chargers meaning the team will now turn to Taylor Heinicke for the time being. Taylor played exceptionally well in the playoff loss and now is the time for him to step up in Fitzpatrick's absence. The Giants did not look good against Denver, specifically their offense that first got to the red zone in the fourth quarter. Give credit to the Broncos defense for that, but that is not a good sign with the Washington defense up next.

    1PM Early Games:
    Bengals @ Bears:
    The Andy Dalton Bowl takes place at historic Solider Field where the Bears offense looks to do something that is offensive to Bears fans. The fact no pass last week against the Rams went beyond 15 yards should be enough to start Justin Fields this week, but Matt Nagy says he is a weapon. The Bengals meanwhile were able to beat the Vikings in their own bowl, The Mike Zimmer Bowl. Can Joe Burrow and the Bengals keep momentum on their side or will Da Bears find a way to win?

    Texans @ Browns: With Houston releasing a lot of veterans, the unknown surrounding Deshaun Watson and what not, the Texans managed to come away with a win last week against Jacksonville. Houston now heads to Cleveland for a matchup against the Browns. Cleveland played KC tough last week but proved they don't have what it takes to finish the job. Look for a bounce back, pending another Texans upset.

    Rams @ Colts: The Colts journey through the wild NFC West sees the Rams fresh off a victory against the Bears coming to town. The Colts defense struggled to contain Russell Wilson who threw 4 Touchdowns last week against them, now how do you stop Matthew Stafford and the Rams offense?

    Bills @ Dolphins: The AFC East leading Miami Dolphins look to get a step up on the division this week as the Bills come to town looking for a bounce back. Miami won their first opener since 2018 and now they look to take advantage of a Bills team coming off a loss. Can Tua keep up with Josh Allen and the Bills offense?

    Patriots @ Jets: Mac Jones had his Patriots debut ruined last week by Miami, Sam Darnold ruined Zach Wilson's NFL debut meaning one of them is getting their first career win on Sunday.

    49ers @ Eagles: The 49ers held their own against the Lions who never seemed to quit, a good sign for Lions fans. The Eagles were able to beat down Atlanta and Jalen Hurts looked good doing it. The Eagles are going to have to figure out how to stop the 49ers offense and come up with ways to defend Trey Lance in the end zone who threw his first career TD pass last week.

    Raiders @ Steelers: The West Divisions in the NFL seem to be going crazy this year. The whole NFC West won on Sunday while the Raiders ensured the entire AFC West would start out 1-0. We'll see if the Raiders are able to hold their own against the Steelers this week as TJ Watt looks to take down Derek Carr and company. Can the Raiders surprise everyone once again with a 2-0 start?

    Saints @ Panthers: Jameis carved up some cheese last week when he sliced the Green Bay defense for five touchdowns. This week, a divisional showdown in Carolina as the Saints head to Charlotte to take on the Panthers. Is this the start of Jameis finally showing his potential or was last week just a mirage?

    Broncos @ Jaguars: Over/under how long until Urban Meyer needs to take care of his "health issues' in Southern California. It seems this is already heading toward a Nick Saban denying to be the next head coach of Alabama territory. It was a rocky start for Trevor Lawrence and company last week while Teddy Bridgewater did just enough to win the game last week. Denver may have just caught a lucky break with dysfunction already in Jacksonville.

    4PM Late Window:
    Cardinals @ Vikings:
    Kyler Murray & Chandler Jones absolutley crushed it last week in the Cardinals route over the Titans. Given the Vikings offensive line woes, I'd say good chance Jones has another great day in the sack column.

    Falcons @ Buccaneers: The Falcons will regret not taking a QB in the 2021 Draft, the same way the Giants should have took one in 2018. The Falcons face off against the defending Super Bowl Champs for the first time as everyone gets to pull out all their 28-3 jokes. Look for the Bucs to keep on chugging in their quest to run it back.

    Cowboys @ Chargers:

    Titans @ Seahawks: If Kyler Murray threw five touchdowns last week against Tennessee, how many will Russell Wilson throw against them? If Tennessee can get Derrick Henry going and limit Wilson's snaps, they will have a chance.

    Monday Night Football
    Lions @ Packers: Say what you will, the Lions made strides under Dan Campbell as the way they fought back and almost won against the 49ers should be a good sign to Lions fans. Meanwhile, Packers fans may be worried about what they saw from the Packers last week. Will Aaron Rodgers and company bounce back on Monday Night?
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    Last edited: Sep 19, 2021
  2. Interesting that Washington is wearing their away jerseys at home.
  3. The NFC (L)East living up to it's name. What a stinker of a game.
  4. Me watching Chase Young beat Andrew Thomas makes me feel a bit better about our game on Monday. Also, the Giants just lost their starting Guard Nick Gates who was carted off the field.
  5. LOL.... a textbook tackle by Chase Young gets called Roughing the Passer because of the stupid bodyweight rule.

  6. I believe the Skins have a history of wearing white at home all the way back to Gibbs in the 80s and early 90s. Yes, they have changed it up throughout the years, but this isn't surprising for them. So they aren't really away jerseys. Whites are their home jerseys. Thing is they will end up wearing white a lot due to the home team picking the Uni's.
  7. We have another boring game turned into something interesting in the end.
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  8. I've been impressed with this Heincke dude even in the playoff game last season.
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  9. I've come to the conclusion there are less good kickers than qbs. Which then had me asking what's the most you think a team would give up for Tucker?

    I most likely wouldn't take the deal as GM, just curious.
  10. LMAO. Washington misses the Field Goal from 48 yards.... OFFSIDES by the Giants. Dustin Hopkins then makes the 43 yard Field Goal to win the game. Washington improves to 1-1 and the Giants fall to 0-2.

    Never understood why Rivera didn't make him the full time starter. I get it, Fitzpatrick is good for the memes but Heinicke played well enough in the wild card game against the Bucs to have been the full time starter. If not, go after another QB who you trust. I know they made a play for Stafford but still.
  11. On a more serious note, what the hell is up with Fedex Field and leg injuries? Giants LG Nick Gates suffered a gruesome knee injury so bad that even FOX wouldn't show it on TV.

    Joe Theismann, Alex Smith, Kyle Allen suffered an ankle injury last season and now the Giants lose their starting Guard for the season.
  12. Oh how low the Giants have sunk....

  13. He seems to be on that upper tier backup, lower end starter level. Like somewhere in the mid to late teens of quarterbacks. With that defense, and some of the weapons they have you can definitely win with that as long as he doesn't choke in big games.
  14. Gameday is finally here again. I can't wait to get back to a 1PM start time next week, even if it's just for one week before being back on Monday Night Football again.
  15. Yes, I'm already done with these primetime games. Just give me the 1pm games from here on out.
  16. tell me about it. I'll be in Boston next week and probably won't even get a chance to see the game. I may not see my first 1:00 game until week 5.
  17. Great play design by the texans on their scoring play.
  18. I'm watching Red Zone and it seems there are interceptions everywhere.
  19. Fields' time!

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