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Week 5 Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2021 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. All these damn MNF make it so hard to sleep after. I'm wide the fuck awake now
  2. They like to keep things interesting. You know that kick would not have been nearly as exciting if it were 10 yards further.
  3. I have so much PTO that I started taking off work the day after primetime games. Unfortunately I have important meeting tomorrow so have to go in...but the last game I took off and I plan to do it for the next night game too.
    I dont tell anyone why I'm out; its personal.
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  4. lol... i love it
  5. Why does Harbaugh have a mask on but not the Colts coach?
  6. Anyone know who was wired this week?
  7. it's 5:10 am here and im not going to sleep for a while lol - luckily i took holiday today
  8. same
  9. I'm self employed, I take off whenever the fuck I want to.
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  10. Told you to trust our boy

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