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The Lamar, The Defense and The Comeback

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. exactly, but they wouldn't have gone for two later in the game either. To me it's the FG offsides penalty that throws all of those 'if' this than 'that' explanations for a loop. You can't really change any aspect of the game because it would change everything and you can nit pick everything to death.

  2. Browns fan livid off this tweet. You love to see it.
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  3. maybe they should just give Bell more chances or at the very least try McCrary.
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  4. So I’ve just gone back and watched all of his week 1 snaps because honestly I was intrigued as to what he properly looked like (hadn’t bothered at the time because I thought he was done for the year)

    tyre is 100% the best LG on this team and it’s not close - he missed a couple of blocks which is obviously not ideal (Bozeman saved him on 1 of those) but he looked super solid in pass pro with a great base and nice footwork and he looked powerful in the running game - he and Bozeman worked effectively together too - some things to improve on but he looked nice

    Of the 3 guys (now 2 I suppose) he’s the better run blocker and pass blocker - needs to work on his reads in his pulling though
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  5. bell looked interesting last week, we know Murray’s gonna do the dirty work and freeman looked nice this week
  6. Ok that's pretty exciting! Do we even know what Tyree's injury was? Is there going to be a longer delay for him to e back to full strength?
  7. His knee got rolled up on so I’m assuming some kind of sprain - he was practicing last week and participating in positional drills and looked unhindered albeit he was wearing a knee brace but no idea whether he was taking part in team stuff or not (because he’s not be activated to 53 his injury/practice status doesn’t go on report) - he’s got up to 2 weeks remaining before they have to make a decision I think
  8. Amen!!
  9. My children: Lamar and Odafe. Daddy proud.
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  10. Lamar's football ability is scary. I don't know how many times Iv'e finished watching a game and found myself shaking my head muttering Ive never seen that before.
    I firmly believe he is the best player overall in the NFL .
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  12. The intelligence and change of direction. Would like to see him be a little more aggressive coming downhill and take some better angles but we have something fun to work with here.
  13. and that's something i think we'll see him do better as he gets more confident - he's never been asked to see the field this way before and is only 3 years removed from playing in the opposite direction

    there's a few reps in coverage that ill be looking out for in the all-22 when i get around to watching it this week because some of his transitions and pick-ups looked so smooth and disciplined on the broadcast film
  14. It's so encouraging! And the guy has been a safety for a couple months!! And a defensive player for a couple years!!!
  15. And still going to be mistakes, but so much to like. Wish we could have Queen operate this way. Don’t overthink. Just do. If you mess up, you learn from it and get better.
  16. really nice find. Going to be a very good player with more experience under his belt.
  17. lack of confidence is playing a major factor in Queen.
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  18. genuinely think that's the biggest issue for queen - was more decisive in year 1

    as i go over the film from this week i think we over-exaggerated queen's troubles in this game - looks like they took him out on dime packages and maybe simplified some stuff for him
  19. Queen is overthinking and that split second delay is costing us.
  20. He's this year's Chuck Clark

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