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Next Up: vs Chargers

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Oct 12, 2021.

  1. Just a guess here. If the chargers continue their play style and dare us to run defensively, I think all your going to find is that we're going to run all over them. I've strongly maintained the running backs are not the major problem in the running game. If they want to take away Lamar's big play ability that would be pretty smart imo. You can't stop Lamar completely but you can definitely reduce his magic the more often the ball is in a running backs hand.

    If they convert to playing us like others have trying to take our the run, good luck. Just gotta keep slinging it. Lamar will make them pay.

    Either way, I think we get ours on offense. What I'm worried about is our defense is bottom 3rd is basically all aspects.
  2. Mike Williams didn’t practice today with a knee issue
  3. Great another goalpost to be moved smh
  4. Was reading through the Chargers forum on the upcoming game and most insisted that they should force Lamar to pass the ball. Many even brought up the playoff game from 2019 and how they handled him.
    They must not be watching us play this year .
  5. Seems most fans choose to not watch primetime games if their team isn’t playing
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  6. this is true, but not as much as it was when fantasy wasn't as popular. I believe a lot of people will watch just so they see the players on their team. I believe most of the people on this board enjoy watching a good football game, even if the Ravens aren't playing. However you aren't talking about PF members.

    I hope they do force us to pass the ball, so Lamar rips them to threads. If I recall, Lamar passed the ball on the Chargers in the 2019 playoff game when Roman took the leash off.
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  7. 1:00 game!!!! Life is back to normal. Wish I could comment on the last game but when you have to get up before the marines.......... All I know is the defense gave up over 500 yds from stat sheets I looked and we are ranked in the bottom third so a shootout looks like is in the works. Now I've missed 2 primetime comebacks and being pissed is really an understatement. Here's to hoping the Chargers got some jet lag after going thru some massive turbulence.
  8. We beat the Chargers 31-20 this Sunday.
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  9. what did I tell you about. these massive predictions. You did the same vs the Lions and Colts. lol.

    I believe it will be a tight game and we will find a way to win the game.
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  10. I bluntly do not believe 31 points is enough to win the game and that is not even insulting the defense. The Chargers offense is just that good.
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  11. I think the only way we win this game is to score in the upper 30's to low 40's and pray Queen and Harrison play better.

    Queen is currently ranked 84th linebacker in the NFL. He is at the very bottom. .
  12. But we won, so maybe I’m a good luck charm lol
  13. agree with the general point about the defence for sure - it's not a good unit - but will argue with you on humphrey's performances - he's not been a playmaker in the turnover sense but he's been pretty lockdown through 5 weeks and averett had 1 poor game (tbf it was a pretty awful game but still only 1 game)

    im not sure what the defensive tactics will be tbh - i think our secondary matches up well with their receivers but obviously the big mismatch is gonna be ekeler vs whoever we have on ekeler and the screen game is gonna be a huge weapon for them

    if im honest i dont think they have the athleticism in their weapons that we need to be terrified of the shot play but im also not sure we need to be blitzing herbert given how effective he is

    i think we're starting to see a trend generally all over (not just with mahomes) that you dont blitz good quarterbacks much because they'll burn you for it

    im not super worried about what blitzing does to help get their WRs open because i think our corners and safeties matchup well against those guys in man but im worried about the space in the middle of the field blitzing creates and our linebackers are struggling enough in that area
  14. it's frustrating that we dont have at least 1 of those guys for this matchup - would completely change my thoughts about the gameplan on offence

    it will be interesting to see what the chargers choose to do though - they run a lot of cover 2 man which would put some stress on their safeties when lamar scrambles and im not sure other than bosa they've got the tools on the defensive line to leave open gaps at the line of scrimmage but idk it's tough to say for sure without JK or Gus whether we can truly make them pay for being light upfront especially with their lack of depth on the defensive line too

    my hope is that Staley (who has somewhat similar defensive principles to fangio) abandons that defensive structure and does something similar to Fangio and we let lamar cook in the air
  15. and i think you'll see as lamar gets healthier and as we get further into the season that Roman and Lamar will ID the defensive plan quicker in the game and that will dictate how we attack - if they're gonna give us the run then we'll take the run until they can stop it and if they stop the run then we won't run because we don't need to anymore and we're not super reliant on play-action (albeit we're really good at play-action)

    but for sure i think that's the mistake of the lions, broncos and colts - by dominating the run, they're actually forcing us to put the ball in the hands of our best and most dynamic player...

  16. unfortunately staley's watched us this year...
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  17. it was a bit ugly but he did drag us back into it at the end
    it was more the titans game the next year where the leash really came off and lamar went for over 500 yards (unfortuntely had the picks and we couldnt put points on the board with the turnovers on downs too)
  18. there's a reason herbert's one of the guys in the MVP conversation too
  19. Exactly!!!!!! It's crazy. I'm not sure any previous combination of LJ and surrounding crew could do what they're doing this year. Props to LJ and props to EDC for getting the talent to help him out
  20. Take some advil and get yo ass to work youngin'. You'll be fine. lol

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