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Lamar Jackson


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Well he did accept a head coach job this year but for a small school in Florida. So maybe he's only looking at jobs close to home. But it appears he's keen to go down that path.
lol yeah, a HBC near his home, with no expectations of a high end program and a staff of people willing to recruit for him. A far cry from grinding the NFL circuit as an assistant coach and traveling thousands of miles every year.


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idk post-pats brady seems pretty high on himself lol

while peyton comes across well in media - but that's a very different game to coaching - and my guess is he's made the great self-evaluation that he's not gonna enjoy (and maybe not be very good at) coaching - but i really like him as a broadcaster - the manningcast is great and his random spot appearances on other things have been good too
Peyton is a national treasure and his personality is mad under appreciated, I hope to see an absolute shitload of the mannings in the media because they are hilarious.

But yeah he strikes me as far too elitist to be able to manage an entire team of grown men lol


good, but still not as great as the 70s and 80s
honestly, for me it really just started getting bad when Kate McKinnon left. Until that point, it wasn't that bad, she was the reason that show didn't suck. Now, it is like 20 bad episodes for each good one.


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