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Draft a Franchise?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by 29BmoreBird22, May 14, 2017.

  1. This is what will ultimately lead to you getting banned and got you banned from the other site. Have fun for another week or so.
    #41 29BmoreBird22, May 20, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 7, 2017
  2. Has anyone been in touch with some of the regular players?
  3. Glad to see the signups moving along smoothly
  4. How fast do they usually fill up?
  5. Much faster than this.
  6. If we can't get enough players, would it be possible to play with modified rules and fewer teams?
  7. You can always go with less; rosters will just be more stacked.
  8. One possible action just to prevent having like 8 teams of all stars is to let people draft for two or three teams each.
  9. But then you run into the possible issue of having a person load one team up and intentionally passing on good players for his other teams.
  10. Just seeing this thread now. I hope you all don't mind, but it looks like this thread could've used some clean up, so I removed any incendiary or abusive posts as well as posts mentioning those remarks. Let's keep things civil and on-topic. With regards to the DaF, it's somewhat unsurprising that the sign ups aren't booming considering that there are still two sites at this time. I do expect the process to pick up rather once that's no longer an issue.
  11. Agree on both accounts and thanks for the clean up. No reason to have abusive posts anywhere on the boards.

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