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Week 11 Discussion (day off!)

Dom McRaven

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Broncos defense has done a complete 360 since giving up 70 points to the Dolphins. Broncos now become another potential wild card team in the AFC now.
Yep. I don't know what tf they did, but this is a miracle. They're on a roll right now which makes the AFC that much more competitive. Browns at Broncos next week and we still need to handle our business against the Chargers if we're serious about winning the division (or even making the playoffs since AFC conference record is crucial).

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Ravens Ring of Honor
Rams bailed out by flags and got the touchdown. Something has got to be done about uncatchable passes bringing out PI flags.
Here's part of the problem with this catchable rule. Now the ball needs to be in the area AND you have to trust a ref to do their job. Brady used to do this a lot. Throw the ball in the "area" of a hold or PI and the refs would call it. Now what happens when they don't call it Ala Peyton when Graham took it the crib?

Every week gotta thank the chargers for passing on zay
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the eagles struggle against mobile qbs

17-20 against arizona last year
25-20 against bears last year

if the ravens meet them in a potentai sb matchup lamar is gonna be scrambling for a lot