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I do NOT trust anything the Jets claim.....


Practice Squad
I've been burned too many times now. 14 years and running, the longest professional playoff-less drought in all of the 4 major American sports, the Jets are still blowing smoke up the fans asses. I just don’t want to heat it anymore. I want results. That's all I want. That's all I've ever wanted.

The Jets added two Baltimore linemen and a future hall of fame linemen to finally once and for all fix the OL issue the Jets have had for at least two years running. Last season exposed3 enormous issues the Jets had. They are the following:

1) Joe Douglas‘s main concern was the OL when he got to NY. The results after5 years are absolutely dreadful. Almost all of his selections are constant walking injuries. They suck and they've done us no good whatsoever in the scheme of things.

2) When Aaron goes down, the Jets are FUCKED. Zach Wilson does NOT belong on an NFL field. He is 100% incompetent. So Joe Douglas, being the architect of this team the way its currently comprised, has FAILED in building the OL or the QB spot.

3) The NYJ have a lack of decent WR depth. Last offseason, Joe Douglas decided to part ways with Braxton Berrios and Elijah Moore. Then, just prior to the season, Corey Davis decided to retire, exposing a gaping hole in WR depth. Joe Douglas did nothing to replace Davis and that left the team relying on UDFA Xavier Gipson to pick up the slack of 3 full on professionals.

In response, the Jets did the following:

1) Joe Douglas went and signed Tyron Smith to replace Mekhi Becton. Smith may be 33, but he played 13 of 17 games last season and was second team all-pro. They traded for Morgan Moses. Kind of a stupid move if you ask me? The Jets had Moses two seasons ago, why did you trade him in the first place? They snatch John Simpson through free agency. Not an excellent player, just a guy that always stays healthy and that is a very new concept to the Jets. They drafted Olu Fashanu and while he won't be called on to start the season, he surely will start games I would imagine.

2) The Jets signed Tyrod Taylor to combat their backup QB issues. Zach Wilson is gone and that alone is addition by subtraction. Tyrod Taylor might very well be the best backup QB in football despite his very illustrious injury history.

3) To solve the WR issues they signed Mike Williams and drafted Malachi Corley. Xavier Gipson is now a second year player and UDFA Jason Brownlee is sure to see plenty of playing time.

It ALL looks quite attractive until you realize this is the Jets and anything they touch, just like the government, turns to SHIT.

So despite this full on drunken euphoria among Jets fans thinking they stamped their tickets to at least the divisional round of the playoffs. I am NOT one of them.

I believe nothing from this team until they show it on the field.


Hall of Famer
Fuck the Jets