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Give me your list of most underrated and overrated prospects. I’ll start.

1. Rashan Gary
All physical talent with no production. Michigan’s scheme limited him, but he still couldn’t rush the passer on the edge at a high rate
2. Montez Sweat
Pure bull rusher. He just lacks pass rush moves and bend. Winning consistently with just a bull rush move in the NFL isn’t going to work.

1. OT Chuma Edoga
Seriously why isn’t this guy in the 1st or 2nd round conversation. He just doesn’t lose in pass pro. Athletic freak as well. His feet are just ridiculous.

2. RB. David Montgomery
He’s just way too good in small spaces. Played behind one of the worst offensive lines in college football and just made people miss. A perfect fit in our offense imo.


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Overrated: agreed on Rashan Gary, he’s been my most overrated player from day one tbh

Dk metcalf, what has he actually shown? He’s a lte first project at best, extreme bust potential, was absolutely nonexistent vs greedy Williams and frankly looked horrible against the one big nfl man corner he faced

Underrated: kelvin harmon is a beast of a big man route runner and catches like a grown ass man, Michael Thomas meets anquan boldin

Chase winovich, barring nick bosa, I challenge everyone to tell me what any of the first round edge rushers do better on tape than winovich, Burns has better bend, but aside from that I don’t see what makes any of sweat/Ferrell better than winovich, winovich is THE most underrated player of this class and if we fucked around and took him at 22 I’d stand and applaud for decosta clearly following the tape

Chris Lindstrom is zack Martin esque. He could go anywhere outside of the top 10 and it’s value to me because you’re getting a pro bowl G from day one

Diontae johnson, pff put me on, and if the Toledo qb looked his way twice as often then he would’ve been breaking goddamn all time records, elite route runner, explosive, blindingly quick feet, simply cannot be pressed, should be a round 2 pick at worst in this weak class but it seems he is really flying under the radar, this is a guy I’m pounding the table for late day 2 early day 3 and I’m going to bat for this dude saying he will see at least a pro bowl at some point, that’s how good I feel about him. He won’t be covered often in the nfl.


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Also jerry Tillery, mad underrated, he’s in the mold of a fletcher cox/Chris Jones where he is an elite 5tech along with being an elite pass rushing 3tech. Tillery is gonna be special
overrated: I'll also agree on Rashan Gary and Sweat. Liked Sweat early on, but I'm not sure how well he can do against NFL level tackles, and didn't look all that athletic in actual games.

Metcalf: I know you draft more on traits rather than college production but I really question why he didn't do more with his immense athletic ability.


Gaskin: Really think he'll be really productive in the NFL.

Bruce Anderson: He's Dixon with possibly better balance and vision. Plus he can actually stay on the field.

Deebo Samuel: Not super underrated, but with the way the WRs are in this draft, he should be considered a possible first rounder. He just does everything well.


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Overrated - Parris Campbell, Just about every receiver, really. I think Bradbury is way too hyped considering he can't anchor to save his life....perfect fit for a zone scheme but the way he is hyped, you might guess he is perfect.
underrated - Terrone Prescod


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Overrated on this board: Justin Hollins. Not especially explosive, stiff, not strong, no pass rush plan.


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Overrated on this board: Justin Hollins. Not especially explosive, stiff, not strong, no pass rush plan.
He is especially explosive and far from stiff lol, I’ll give you the last 2, but I’m sorry you’re objectively wrong on the first 2 fam
I might lose it if I see one more mock projecting him to The Ravens in the first.
Same. I think he’s a perfect fit for the Chargers though. They probably are looking for another WR after Tyrell Williams left but I don’t see them taking him in the 1st. You know Phillip Rivers makes a living on those crossing routes like no other QB. Haha