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Breakout Players 2019

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Self-explanatory. I'll go first.

    No, Lamar isn't on this list. I don't expect for him to break out, I expect for him to improve.

    1. Tim Williams- If anyone has to break out on the roster, it's Tim Williams. When your best pass rusher on the exterior is Matt Judon, you have problems. Williams has the skillset to be a #1 pass rusher for a team, and he needs to get better. He's got the skills, he plays well when given the chance, he needs to work better on his preparation before games. If he is, expect a double digit sack season from him. My gut tells me he has a Jimmy Smith 2013 like breakout year.
    2. Hayden Hurst- I think if he's healthy to start the year, him and Andrews put up very similar numbers given that we had a QB who is absolutely obsessed with throwing to the tight end. The thing with Hayden is, when given the opportunity he played well with Lamar Jackson. He didn't get too many opportunities to put up stats, but look at the offense we were running. Hurst to me is going to be the scheme's best friend. Maxx Williams' replacement and an upgrade. He can play H-Back, inline, the slot. He proved to be a good blocker last year. I think he's a massive beneficiary of everything and is going to be one of many weapons we use. Given the talk from the coaching staff, it sounds like we have big plans for him. I wouldn't expect a dominant season given who our QB is, but I expect him to prove himself.
    3. Tony Jefferson- Earl Thomas is going to be the full time free safety, and I doubt they're going to switch him much. Jefferson is a very good in the box safety and a good zone defender. Weddle getting old did not help him at all. I think given that he's going to be more towards the line of scrimmage, he could turn in a pro bowl year. He's been a good player, but much maligned, since he's gotten here, but he played single high way too often and that's not his strength at all. Switching is necessary yes, but that much of it?
    4. Zach Seiler. I think he'll be the starting 5T by the end of the season, and a very good one. He knows how to penetrate and dominated his competition. I don't expect him to be elite, but given that Chris Wormley is nothing more than an average football player, I think Seiler has more potential and will make more big plays.
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  2. See @Lost_In_Translation, I was heading in here to make a post about all of this nonsense with this "breakout" talk. We all know how I personally feel about that word due to the fact that those type of players rarely "stay out". They flash for one game and everyone calls it a "breakout" and then the players disappear for the next few games. Now, here goes Jefferson with that "breakout" foolishness....


    This cat has been in the league for 7 years and he talking about how he could "breakout?"

  3. Tony Jefferson went undrafted and became a quality starter at the NFL level.
    If anything he has already broken out by default but elevating your game later in your career isn't a foreign concept. Uncommon sure, but Jason Babin did it, so did Brett Kiesel.
  4. where's this chris wormley beef coming from all of a sudden lol
    i hope Sieler breaks out too but wormley's been great
  5. wormley has been.... ok.

    hes one of those guys that has been EXACTLY what anyone wouldve predicted. everybody in the know predicted wormley would essentially be another lawrence guy, whos a solid rotational 5tech who likely comes out on a lot of money downs, and thats all that hes been lol
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  6. Chris Moore who has been one of our most underappreciated players of all time is gonna lock down a starting role and produce.
  7. I think peanut is gonna break out. I’ve been rewatching some games and he was honestly one of the biggest standouts. He’s extremely disruptive, he hits like a goddamn truck, he’s probably the most aggressive player we have and his aggression seems to always pay off, great vision at finding creases in the front and explosiveness to shoot the crease and and the killer instinct to finish. I love when the qb gets flushed and makes an obvious dump off to the flats because peanut just blows that shit up every time it seems
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  8. honestly i think he already broke out with his consistent performances to end last season but i guess this might be the year where everyone else in the nfl realises too...
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  9. lol that's what I wanted to say. Wormley's been solid and fwiw Guy is underrated. He's been constantely rated in the high 80's or low 90's by pff over the last 3-4 seasons.

    Sieler is also a great candidate. I think he'll play Urbans role who could've been signed for cheap.

    Dixon if he gets his s... together(no peds/injury). He played a solid rookie season, I remember when he converted the idiotic 3rd/4th & 4 shotgun toss plays, which Marty used to call in 2016. I also liked him better than Edwards last season.
  10. Guy is a very good rotational player, but that's what he is. He's not a starter. He's effective right now because he has the greatest defensive coach in NFL history using him as much as he is. I like PFF and use it often, but he's still a rotational guy and that matters. And as much as I liked Lawrence Guy, you don't take that type of rotational player in the third round, especially when there's better talent available. I.e, Chris Godwin who I really liked. Or Eddie Jackson, who is even better than I thought he was going to be!

    Wormley, isn't as good as Guy. Sorry. He's a solid rotational piece, but in the third round you shouldn't be taking that. He's your classic guy who's solid at everything, but not great at anything, and he's maxed out. To say he's been "great" would be a massive exaggeration.
  11. i guess we just dont agree - on a snap to snap basis i saw chris wormley dominating OL in front of him, taking on double-teams, plugging gaps, getting into the backfield, causing problems for the opposing lines and he uses his length really well too - he's been a really good find for us and has done really well as a starting calibre player (he was one of the top 3 DL on our team in terms of snaps and consistently would play starter-type snaps for us through the season in games) - he's already the successor to Brent Urban and might already be an upgrade

    and with regards to Lawrence Guy i disagree also - he was a consistent starter at a consistent level at DE for us and now for the patriots - he's not spectacular but he's solid and most definitely a starting calibre player

    and wormley is most definitely better than him

    i agree i would have preferred taking other players with that 3rd round pick but i cant argue with the production he's given us as a 3rd rounder and there are other players i would have taken in the 3rd round who've busted also - draft pedigree after 2 seasons isnt really a good indicator of play calibre at this point either
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  12. 1. Wormley isn’t better than Guy. Watching tape and every metric can show that. So no. Not a matter of opinion, just take off the purple glasses. Even Urban looked and scored better last year.
    2. That’d be a great find, in the fifth round. He doesn’t “dominate” the olinemen in front of him. He wins assignments, takes on double teams(an important thing to do in this scheme), plugging gaps(really important), gets into the backfield, which is necessary to even be on this team(even slow-ass Brandon Williams did that), causing problems for the opposing lines is an exaggeration, as they had much more to deal with. So that to me suggests he’s a product of the things around him. That sounds like.... wait for it... A ROLE PLAYER. WHICH YOU DON’T TAKE IN THE THIRD ROUND.

    Let me put it this way. If Wormley tore his ACL today.... It’d be a minor bummer since I never want to see anyone get hurt. But what does this team really lose? In reality, we’d probably have to look to the FA market to fill his depth and we’d get likely a slight(but only slight) downgrade for a player who’s like 35 years old, but the defense wouldn’t get worse... At all. Wormley is a replaceable piece on this defense, which is the definition of an average player.

    Yeah. He’s a solid rotational player who doesn’t have the upside to turn into much else. I can appreciate a guy who can do the dirty work, but those type of guys are VERY replaceable. Whereas I think Seiler has the upside to turn into a better Brent Urban.
  13. i guess we just disagree on what we're seeing on tape then
  14. Justin Tucker, I have a feeling that the kid will actually make all his extra points this season
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  15. Nah. He showed that he can't be trusted in a big moment.
  16. He trash

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