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Good Luck Packers!

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Cindy Bradley, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Just wanted to wish our friend Ice good luck for Thursday night!
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  2. I 2nd that
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  3. I 3rd that

    I hope the Pack beat the Bears so bad that the Bears realize they can never win the North again and trade us Mack for the 5th round pick that we fleeced from the Vikings.
  4. I 4th that
  5. Love you guys!
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  6. Go Pack Go! I need Adams to feast tonight!
  7. Best of luck ice bowl! But please let Montgomery rush for a TD.
  8. Nice win against a division rival to start the season!
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  9. Thanks Bud! I hope you guys win Sunday.
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  10. Real nice win. I thought the Bears would take you at home. Enjoy the defense. Its sure about time. If you guys had a better defense you'd have more rings that's for sure.
  11. I don’t think I have ever seen a team have so many back to back to back penalties where they keep losing yards and repeating the 1st down that they end up at 1st and 40. Glad it was them and not you. Nice win!
  12. Imagine being a Bears fan and talking trash about Lamar when you have Trubisky as your QB lmao (and yes, before anyone comments, I am aware that he had a decent season last year, but it was nothing spectacular)

    Seems that the Packers might finally have a defense. If so, the rest of the NFC should be very worried.
  13. Good luck on Sunday!
  14. hope you take down the Vikings this week. Starting off 2-0 would be great , especially since both games were in the division.
  15. Good luck on Sunday against the Broncos!
  16. Thanks Cindy!
  17. Good luck tomorrow night!
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  18. Packers pulled a Seahawks last night. You never go full Pete Carroll....
  19. Great game to watch though. But yeah, the comparison is already a meme lol
  20. Good Luck! Hope both our teams do well this week.

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