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Past or Present: Who Were or Are Your Favorite Ravens?

Discussion in 'Ravens Fans Unite' started by Militant X 1, May 5, 2017.

  1. This could be a long list so here's the short version:

    Ray Lewis
    Ed Reed
    Jamal Lewis
    Ray Rice
    Chris McAlister
    Todd Heap
    Johnathan Ogden
    Derrick Mason
    Marshal Yanda
    Matt Birk
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  2. I have two answers. Ed Reed and CJ Mosley---

    Ed Reed would be my overall favorite Raven. However, I wasn't a Raven fan when he was playing. I used to say that the Ravens defense is always playing with too many men on the field because it was like Reed was in two places at once.

    CJ Mosley was in the rookie class when I started rooting for the Ravens in 2014. I'd have to say he is my favorite Raven since I started cheering for them. I also own his jersey.
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  3. Lewis a given. Wasnt a fan when he started to get all preachy and talk nonsense. Lol

    Todd Heap, Dmase, and Ed Reed.

    Big fan of Mosley, Jimmy, BWill. Weddle too, if he counts. I'm a Webb supporter too.
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  4. I like Jimmy and Mosley as well.
  5. Ed Reed as my all-time fave Raven.

    Then Ray Lewis, JJ (that hit on Ward was a classic), Yanda, Heap, Webb, Mason, Flacco, Weddle, Suggs, Ngata.
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  6. Clearly Webb is a favorite.
    Ray and Ed of course.
    Also Jamal, Mase. Sizzle, Juice ( :( )
    Goooooose, and Torrey.
    and Steve Smith
    #6 K-Dog, May 6, 2017
    Last edited: May 8, 2017
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  7. Matt Elam
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  8. Ray Lewis,Peter Boulware, OGDEN, Priest Holmes, Tony Siragusa Samari Rolle, Yanda
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  9. Started watching football only 3 years ago, so obviously I don't have the historic knowledge, but Steve Smith by a mile. Favourite player ever actually.
  10. Ogden, both ray and Jamal, ed Reed, Suggs. The obvious ones.

    Outside of that older ones like. bouleware, hartwell. Woodson, Shannon. The goose. Eric turner.

    The current squad my favorite is probably Brandon Williams.
  11. Boy did I love Ed Reed! IMHO he is the best free safety to ever play the game. I liked Derrick Mason, Q, and SSS as they were fearless. I had really taken a liking to Webb because I just feel he is a class act and right now his is my "go to" jersey at the moment. I do like my color rush Tucker jersey though.
  12. Boldin and Pitta! T Sizzle, Reed and Ngata. Tucker!
  13. Reed, Tucker, Jackson, Hollywood, Sizzle, Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis, Ogden, Yanda, Boulware, Pitta, Heap, Boldin, Ngata, SSS, Humphrey, Jimmy, CJ Mosley
  14. Ed Reed by far............then Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis, Tony Siragusa, Jared Johnson
  15. Sizzle is probably my favorite of all time man I loved him then probably Ray Lewis Ed reed Flacco and even though his time was cut short I loved Ray Rice Webby has always been up there also
  16. 1.Peter Boulware, 2.Jermaine Lewis, 3.Michael McCrary, 4.Ray Lewis, 5.Samari Rolle and had Bam Morris played for us longer he'd be on this list

    Currently: Matt Judon, ET3, Lamar, Hollywood, Baby Zues/ Marlon "Marvin" Hump

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