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Week 10 Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinatti Bengals

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. 1pm ET @ Paul Brown Stadium

    the trappiest of trap games - division game against a team we've traditionally struggled against who are bottom dwellers in the NFL - has all the ingredients of being a let-down game

    that being said Lamar (Browns excluded) hasn't allowed the Ravens to lose to a team with a non-winning record and has whooped on the Bengals in both games he's played against them so far - they've played Lamar as much as any team in the NFL and haven't stopped him yet

    @allblackraven - over to you
  2. hopefully we start this game better than the last bengals game - 7-0 down after about 6 seconds with no defensive or offensive snaps...
  3. I definitely agree with that!!!!
  4. I want this game to be one of those games without any stress.
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  5. Wouldn't that be nice
  6. I second that brother. I took my three blood pressure pills this morning, just in case....lol.
  7. So Jones is inactive and our new WR/RS is active. Trying out a new punt returner. Just one request here ... HOLD ONTO THE DAMN BALL.
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  8. I hope Lamar and Yanda are feeling better today.

  9. 43.7031300°

  10. I'm sure that Cyrus and Chris Moore being inactive is just a coincidence...
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  11. oh yeah
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  12. I tried to understand this post, but I'm not sure what it is telling me
  13. Was Jones getting snaps at S? I'm sure Clark gets some, but who else do we have covering Jefferson's old spot?
  14. Lat and longitude coordinates of Nice, France.
  15. anthony levine and brandon carr i think and bennett jackson
  17. Also my new pup, Rufus is ready for his 2nd game IMG950340.jpg
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