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Flex's mock #1

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by JoeyFlex5, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. been getting heavy into draft prospects lately, so heres one for fun.


    • Brandon Carr option
    • Michael Pierce
    • Ronnie Stanley
    • Marcus Peters
    • LJ Fort
    • Jihad Ward
    • Josh Bynes
    Notable Losses:

    • Jimmy Smith
    • Matt Judon
    • Tony Jefferson
    • Gus Edwards(after a strong late season and playoff push he walks for a mega deal worthy of a comp4, he never performs quite the same)
    • Brandon Williams(we may only save around 4m by cutting him, but that 4m will be major for us after extensions)
    • Patrick Onwuasor
    Notable FA Additions:
    • Leonard Williams, DL
    • Brandon Scherff, LG
    • Whitney Mercilus, EDGE
    ROUND 1: after a tight AFC championship loss, the ravens are picking at #30
    Curtis Weaver, Edge, Boise St.
    • Natural size to play OLB, holds his ground at the point of attack, in the run game he shows a lot of upside to become a 3 down starter, playing with size and violence and forcing the issue, needs to disengage earlier and track the RB better in run defense. Now for the good part, as a pass rusher he is just damn good, hes a big boy and puts tackle on skates often playing with great leverage and authority, extremely respectable first step, fires out low and converts that speed to not only power, but also well placed leverage, picks apart blockers by playing low and balanced and attacking that outside shoulder. rushes with a plan. chains together moves, has a great benchpress that he follows with a downward rip, and follows up a variety of moves with a shoulder dip. Should be an early contributor and future starter, should legitimately be a 8-10 sack per year guy.
    ROUND 2:
    Devonta Smith, WR, alabama

    • Smith is a supreme technician at WR, as always with Bama WRs he just appears to be incredibly well coached and NFL ready. Crafty and quick off the snap to gain leverage early and often, explosive release, incredibly quick changing directions with no wasted motions, just sharp and strictly business on his breaks. When hollywood isnt on the field it seems we have nobody that can gain separation and were asking lamar to either run or trust his man to catch the ball, lamar has shown to throw a quality ball to the likes of andrews and snead and give them a chance to make a tough catch, but giving him easy open targets would go a long way in preserving his body and shifting the run-pass ratio for lamar. not to mention, having a hollywood brown and devonta smith on the field together just brings up so many possibilities to design home run plays, this addition brings a little bit of the Chiefs offense to baltimore and should really up the explosive factor.
    ROUND 3:
    Bradlee Anae, EDGE, Utah

    • Big bodied 3 down edge defender. good physical rusher with brutal hand fighting and sneaky explosiveness. bend is pretty damn good for a big guy. Anae's value comes with the fact hes a safe pick, hes a guy thats gonna make the 53 and see snaps because at worst he is a certified edge setter and hes gonna always do that well, but he brings a good first step and overall surprising athleticism to the pass rush.
    Brandon Jones, S, Texas
    • Stud of a box safety, enforcer all across the front, gets off blocks and tackles very well in run support, sniffs out nearby quick release passes and blows them up, hems up receivers within 5 yards and stifles timing routes and combo routes, great in off-man and catching the route, brings the wood when tackling. this is just a BPA type pick, jones is a guy i could see being around at the end of the third
    ROUND 4:
    Leki Fotu, DL, Utah

    • mammoth of a man, 6'5" 330 plus, originally an OT prospect and built like it. He has extremely long arms, he has a ridiculous amount of power and is far from a slouch athletically. He unfortunately plays upright, and that may never change, but the mans athletic profile and raw strength makes him worthy of a fourth round pick, because even with his leverage concerns he still produces, he pushes the pocket, he keeps blockers hands way off of him, and creates space to penetrate as a pass rusher. in the run game he doesnt have the greatest anchor, but he is a heads up defender who uses his length to snatch up or stifle RBs from a distance. all in all, freakishly built DL who is just intriguing and the type who could find a spot on winks defense, if only just being a swat specialist, but with proper coaching and learning some leg drive and extensive hand usage he can become special.
    ill add to it later! taking too much time out of my day right now lol
  2. Gus The Bus will be ERFA, he's not going anywhere.
    And no way we eat BW's dead money.
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  3. Your missing Oklahoma players lol. EDC would not approve this mock lol. I totally agree pass rush should be our first round pick this year, hopefully one falls that don't have any problems that scare us off(IE Montez Sweat) and we get a solid steal.
  4. I hope weaver makes it to the late first but in most of the mocks I've seen he's been a mid round pick. In terms of cutting Brandon Williams and Tony Jefferson, I think we end up trading them because they still have value to some teams so we might actually get more picks to trade up with. They are not washed by any means they just aren't worth their contract imo.

    I think DeVonta Smith should make it to the late second just because he's probably the 3rd best Alabama WR in the draft. I like how smooth he is over the middle and how comfortable he is catching the ball in stride with his hands.

    For Anae, I only watched his USC film and he seemed a little too one dimensional for me. He has a pretty good rip move, but once the LT got his hands on him he didn't really have a counter other than that.
  5. Whatever website I was looking at was wrong then, it listed him as UFA.

    And I had us sign Leonard Williams, we eat bwills dead money to make room for that and to upgrade for a DT who’s less 1 dimensional
  6. As an undrafeted fa you don't become a ufa until after 3 yrs.

    I also don't see us cutting BWill just to sign Pierce to a massive contract.
  7. We aren't paying plus eating cap for 2 players in the same position while one of them isn't on the team if we don't have to. That doesn't sound like responsible money management DeCosta proclaimed.

    If anything, Pierce would be replaced in this scenario.
  8. Oh and I think we pay Judon. He is used in so many different ways by Wink that it makes him nearly irreplaceable.
  9. I think too much is made of dead cap, the savings are substantially more than the dead cap, and pierce has proven for 2 years now that he’s the superior player, and that dead cap lasts for one year, it’s not like it’s an albatross of a contract that hinders our entire future.
    i think we don’t have a choice, he’s gonna be offered more than we’re willing to pay, and he has been incredibly average this year
  10. The dead cap Joey is 9.8 mil compared to 4.3 mil in savings. Not sure if you worded that right but if you sign Pierce and Leonard Williams you're sinking a total shitload of money into 1 position. Not that I don't like what you're selling since Williams can play 3 and 5 tech and provide passrush. I just don't know what his market really is.

    Also I noticed on your cuts and signings no mention of Skura. My opinion is we'll sign him to a 2nd rd tender
  11. I’m totally clueless on cap management, tenders, FA rules and what not lol. I’ve just never understood the shit, I was of the understanding that cutting Williams, AFTER accounting for dead money, would provide us 4m in savings.
  12. it will save us 4.3m but also cost us nearly 10m in dead cap - basically we'd be saying can we find better production than brandon williams for 4.3m - doesnt matter what the contract value actually is because we're already paying him on the cap whatever - so that's the challenge... if we cut williams we're backing ourselves to find something better with that 4.3m and I dont think you can do that

    after the 2020 season he can be cut to save 10m - that's when it becomes more worth it - he still provides value to this team - not the value of his contract but we're stuck with that contract so we might as well keep him 1 more year - he still makes our run defence go and that's more valuable than having 4.3m in cap space in my opinion - especially with how much cap space we will have next year
  13. I hve a Boise allergy too lol but I am making a FIRM exception for weaver, he looks special.
  14. If he doesn't work out, we can always move him to ILB spot!
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  15. and then trade him for a late round pick to Tennessee
  16. ...so that Dean Pees can experiment little more.
  17. he can teach him the proper prevent defense techniques
  18. Band but don't break.
  19. I think his 'bands were old, because they broke week in and week out. It was the Preventnothing defense and line Matt Elam on AJ Green defense

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