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New here from the UK

Discussion in 'Ravens Fans Unite' started by Ethaan95, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Hi all!

    Been following the NFL for around 4 years now but got really into it this year even starting to train with a local football team. Really loved watching the ravens play especially Lamar!! What an athlete.

    Any other UK fans here?
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  2. I am not, but I know there are a few other people from the UK on here.

    Welcome to the board!
  3. the most active member on this board is from the UK @rossihunter2

    Welcome to the board
  4. welcome - there's a few members here from the UK - but as mania said im by far the most active
  5. I'm also from the UK. Not as active as Rossi but I'm usually lurking even when I'm not posting.
  6. Awesome! Glad to be part of the flock. Gotta get myself a jersey at some point :D

    Other then Lamar who’s the stand out/ top players? Ingram and brown?
  7. Welcome! We visited London this past summer and loved it!
  8. Marquise Brown, Marlon Humphrey, Mark Andrews would all be good choices.
  9. Thanks for that much appreciated
  10. I'm glad! I'm going to try catch a game next year hopefully. Fingers cross the ravens come to London.
  11. Not from the UK, but welcome to the board!
  12. my fingers arent crossed for that lol - last time the ravens came to london was one of the worst performances by a ravens team ive ever seen
  13. I was there! It was awful. The games are better at M&T Bank anyway.
  14. Hi and welcome to purpleflock

    I was also at the Ravens Jax London game. The game itself was awful but I've had a great time there.
  15. Hasn’t a lot changed since then though? I know the offence is being built around Jackson and has been good this year. Though I’m not clued up on how good the ravens were in the 2017 season unfortunately.
  16. Well the plus side of coming to the UK I’ve heard is that it’s very lucrative for the teams which of course there is always risk to it and that is playing in another country away from home. Though teams have to make the right schedule for time zones etc.
  17. What's good bruv?

    I got into soccer and fell in love with Arsenal
  18. time zone is the major issue. No our team wasn't as good then. Our offense is the best it has ever been since the Ravens became a franchise in 1996 and our defense has a different DC as well and is a much faster and deeper defensive secondary than we had back then as well. I also remember not being able to stop the run due to Brandon Williams being out due to injury, so there is that...
  19. Nooo
    Nooo not Arsenal haha Liverpool all the way ;)
  20. So on defence other then Thomas who I’m well aware of (Beast) and someone pointed out Humphrey as well! Who should I look out for?

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