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Announcement PurpleFlock and Filmstudy Baltimore

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by rossihunter2, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm sure most of you have already noticed there's been a few changes around here and while they haven't been particularly quiet they haven't been acknowledged by anyone officially - so here's a quick explainer on what's going on.

    https://filmstudybaltimore.com/ - which is the new(ish) site of Ken McKusick (who's articles many of you are already familiar with) and Josh Sroka where all their work and podcasts are located - were looking for a forum to partner with to aid discussion and engagement with their content.

    Here at PurpleFlock we're proud of how technical and intelligent our members are and it seemed like a good fit to explore this partnership on our end.

    With that in mind here are some of the changes that you may be interested in:
    • We now have an entire section (here) on this forum dedicated to the filmstudybaltimore content (be that articles or podcasts). For every new thing posted on their site there will be a corresponding thread for discussion in that section of our forum.
    • In that section you will also find a mailbag thread - this is a supplement to the twitter #filmstudymailbag where you can ask questions for the next episode of the podcast - but the mailbag thread on our forum is a legitimate and effective place to ask also - I had a question answered on the podcast just this week.
    • There are direct links to the filmstudybaltimore site directly at the top menu bar of this site with quick links to take you straight to the articles or podcasts section. Likewise there are corresponding links back to the filmstudy section of our forum here from their site.
    • This forum has completely replaced the comment section of their site and as such you may have noticed a slight uptick in newer users already even if they aren't all fully active commenters yet but we have had around 150 new members sign up to the forum in the last fortnight or so.
    I would encourage you all to engage with their content if you have thoughts or opinions or just want to share in Ken's analysis or even engage with their content by asking questions - some of you will know that Ken (@Filmstudy) and Josh (@JoshSroka) have occasionally frequented this forum to share and discuss as users also.

    For some of you, nothing will have really changed barring a convenient ability to interact more closely with someone whose work you already consume. For those of you unaware of Ken's work I encourage you to check it out.

    After all that I just want to say thank you to all of our members here who have turned this into a flourishing community that's steadily growing and will continue to grow and would like to officially welcome filmstudybaltimore to the forum as partners.

    Feel free to discuss this development below (but all posting about their content should take place in the appropriate threads within the Filmstudy Baltimore section of the forum).

    If you have any concerns or problems with any of the changes above (or others not-mentioned) please feel free to PM myself (@rossihunter2) or @RavensMania and we'll do our best to understand and deal with them.


    The Purpleflock Team
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    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  2. 150 new members in 2 weeks? Holy crap, that's crazy.
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  3. was slightly off - it's been 140 new members - but the point still stands - there were a third fewer members here 2 weeks ago
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  4. Great partnership, well done.
  5. This is awesome, good work everyone!
  6. appreciate it. Filmstudy came to us with his producer and thanks to @purplepittabread88 and @supertolerator for getting some of the behind the work done and @rossihunter2 and @Truth for being able to get some last minute skype meetings together with @Filmstudy and @JoshSroka. He will be featuring us on one of his "Shorts" podcast soon as well.
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  7. Hi folks.

    I wanted to let you know e're excited about the new partnership and I'll be here on Purpleflock more to react to threads.

    We've had Edgar on an episode of Filmstudy to review an earlier game and he'll be on again after a December game.

    There are also opportunities to have a Filmstudy "short", which is a 10-20 minute discussion about a topic I think is important and too detailed a question to be answered effectively in the mailbag segment of the podcast. There are several out there already and I'd see the posters here as a great source for additional topics, since you are a sophisticated group of fans.

    During the season, I'm targeting 1 short per week as a supplement to content produced Monday-Wednesday, but during the offseason, I'd like to produce 2 per week. These will be recorded via Skype and the goal is always to release the content in a timely fashion. Hitting me on here or on Twitter by direct message is ideal. The faster you hit me up, the more likely I will want to produce content. Let's examine an example...

    Earlier this week, the Ravens acquired Damata Peko and Justin Ellis in short order. This brings up several related questions:
    1. How badly might Pierce be hurt?
    2. Why sign 2 guys instead of 1?
    3. How did the Ravens replace Pierce vs Cincy?
    4. How would his absence impact the Ravens more or less vs other opponents?
    BTW, I still have not created a short for these transactions and if there is someone on the board who would like to record today (Thursday), please contact me and I'll make time.

    In terms of how the short would be conducted, think of me as a sports radio talk show host. If you'd like my opinion, and want to simply ask a question, that's cool and I'll do the best I can to answer. But if you want to give your opinion, I want to let you frame the question in the best way you can and talk about your observation, and I'll build off that like improv (where most responses begin with "Yes, and..."). It's also fine if you just want to ask a question.

    A 3rd method is to present first-principles analytics work you've done. We had a fine episode of that with Zach Binney on running with 11 or 22 personnel, but it doesn't have to be anything nearly as complex or polished.

    In particular, timely armchair GM analysis is always welcome and we have the ability to work with film or visuals within a Skype format.

    I hope to hear from you.
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  8. We had 300 members? it feels like there were 10 users.
  9. we didn't say all of them were active now, did we?
  10. ok boomer

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