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Week 12 Baltimore Ravens @ LA Rams

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. haha Marcus and Ramsey jawing at each other
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  2. Did anyone see peters in ramseys face?
  3. I need to know what was said between Ramsey and Peters, that was far from friendly
  4. Yep awesome, Ramsey is such a tool
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  5. Saw him say F you man
  6. Peters gives zero fucks lol
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  7. Was just about to post this. This boy had the nerve to come up there with his helmet on and Peters was having none of that, hats off and everything. Your unit just got trounced and you're yakking at somebody that just held your offense to 6. Jalen Ramsey needs to take several seats.
  8. Ramsey is the most overrated corner in the last 5 years aside from 2015 josh norman.
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  9. Lamar wants to win so bad and its insane.
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  10. After you just allowed 45
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  11. Easy

    Peters: fuck
    Ramsey: fuck
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  12. Ahahhahahahaa - I was just waiting for this post from you!
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  15. add in Ramsey: neck roll and smack lips
  16. Why would someone on the Rams talk shit after getting beat that bad.
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  17. he's just a little biatch
  18. Jalen Ramsey in the tunnel like:

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