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Week 16 Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. 1pm ET @ Firstenergy Stadium

    For the first time this year the Ravens will have Jim Nantz and Tony Romo calling a game on a day when the ravens will have a chance to avenge the loss that kick-started the winning streak and maybe send the browns organisation back into complete turmoil again. We can only hope.

    On the line though is a chance to clinch home-field advantage and the 1 seed with a win with a week to spare.

    @allblackraven over to you
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  4. And Rufus is here for his 7th game, he loves getting revenge too
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  5. He has been such a good boy. I hope he is getting nice holidays gifts. We are an interfaith couple so celebrate 2 holidays this week. We have to run to Petsmart in a little bit to get our girl a few things for both.
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  6. Oh yea, we have gifts for him and a Christmas calendar where he gets a treat each day until Christmas, def a spoiled little shit lol
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  7. We had to put her on a diet and limit treats she went from 42 lbs to 49 lbs in a year. We just came back and did get her one holiday cookie to put in her stocking and 2 toys for each holiday.
  8. my shih tzus are 12.5 lbs and 10.5 lbs. The one that is 10.5 lbs needs to gain wait, but sometimes older dogs, she is 16 in January, don't eat like they do when they are younger. We are currently monitoring her blood pressure and on bp medication.
  9. nervous time - especially as it's been ages since we last played football
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  10. certainly feels that way...

    I always get more nervous when I can't watch the game live. I'll see the first 20 to 25 minutes or so and then miss the rest of the game. I'll be taping the game and listen to the entire game so I can hear Tony Romo call the game...
  11. I am always nervous before every game. I hope different announcers don’t jinx us we have been doing well with who people do not like.
  13. Ugh watching cbs pre game. They said Greg Roman is expected to get plenty of HC interviews. Smdh I was hopeful we could retain him for at least one more year. I mean it’s not exactly something that can be easily replicated.
  14. Let’s go take what we rightfully deserve. GO RAVENS!!!! ☝
  15. Nantz and Romo lets goooo
  16. Love this crew today. Jim and Romo are the best
  17. Let's go! Squash the brownies!
  18. White jerseys black pants
  19. I think next season our offense will look relatively different. I think we’ll go back to a more traditional offense with Lamar throwing more especially with more weapons on the outside so I THINK we MIGHT be able to survive a loss of GRo, but obviously I’d pay him anything to stay because of his rapport with Lamar.
  20. I am visiting mom in Tampa....happy the bucks played last night...no problems on who to watch

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