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Added Video Feature?

Discussion in 'PurpleFlock' started by purplepittabread88, Jul 23, 2017.


Would you like a video page option?

Poll closed Jul 26, 2017.
  1. Hell No

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  2. Add it!

    10 vote(s)
  1. purplepittabread88

    purplepittabread88 Staff Member Administrator

    This website is in an ever changing process (whether it is noticeable or not, we are hard at work) and one feature we believe in, along with many requests from fans, is a video page on here. My idea is to have a very open page, where all you have to do is submit a video to the site and it can be approved and posted on the page. Logically I won't want to post the same type of video 10 times, so here is how I think it will work. If the content can be submitted at a decent pace, I will choose a specific video to be the video of the day. All other videos will be available and you can select specific user's videos if you prefer someone. This would also expand our platform in terms of small YouTubers being linked with the website. Please vote and leave additional thoughts below.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 29, 2017
  2. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    as much as i like the exclusivity of it, i think that if we want this page to look like a news source as well as a forum that there needs to be some form of editorial control over the quality of content etc. - the extra access i think is a great starting point, as well as the idea of being stronger together as smaller following content makers but i think there needs to be a level of care that the idea of inclusivity doesn't undermine a sense of progress
  3. purplepittabread88

    purplepittabread88 Staff Member Administrator

    I understand you completely on that, yea we just can't have any one posting the videos. While it is slow I will be screening all the videos and evaluating who has the skill and who doesn't. That will basically be the beta, and once we figure out who is capable and gets positive feedback (very important), they will be allowed to have access to straight up post. I made this forum to incorporate all thoughts to make it best possible. It is very difficult but possible to create a free voice press with still high levels of respectability. Thanks for the thought!
  4. RavensFan419

    RavensFan419 Veteran

    I think it's a great idea! rhe videos on BR are worthless I'd love to get more of a news source from people in this community! So many people I see post are very knowledgeable I think it could work out great!
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  5. Truth

    Truth Staff Member Administrator

    Obviously down for the set.
  6. 29BmoreBird22

    29BmoreBird22 Staff Member Moderator Writer

    We could do like a Skype session to do round tables.
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  7. purplepittabread88

    purplepittabread88 Staff Member Administrator

    Should be up within the next few days we have the basis done :)
  8. purplepittabread88

    purplepittabread88 Staff Member Administrator

    Yea I like that. A few members arguing or taking a point definitely seems like something that would work.
  9. Rav'n Maniac

    Rav'n Maniac Practice Squad

    I know it's off topic but why was the site color change? It looks bland and unimaginative now. Really enjoyed the colors before the change, as it separated us apart from the other bland sites.
  10. purplepittabread88

    purplepittabread88 Staff Member Administrator

    Apologies, in the bottom left corner of your screen there are two options for the theme (dark or light) and it seemed more active users were using the white text. We are playing around with it and might change the default back. I'll probably post a poll?
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2017

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