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Free Agents - Edge and ILB's

Discussion in 'Filmstudy Baltimore' started by RavensMania, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Coach Evans joins Ken to discuss the edge defenders and inside linebackers available this offseason. You can find the podcast here.
  2. Question: Thoughts on a reunion with Suggs in a mentor and edge setter role?
  3. @Filmstudy
  4. Just saw this, sorry for the delay.

    I don't think a reunion with Suggs is likely given the signing of McPhee.
  5. I would agree with that and didn't think it was likely even before Suggs.

    Do you think we would have signed Larry Warford if we didn't sign Fluker or do you feel he would have cost too much?
  6. warford is one of those guys where his resume is better than his current ability. He's good, and possibly better than fluker for sure in pass pro ( i think fluker is better in R)

    For what it's worth, if warford is looking for 7-8 million, we got the better deal with fluker.
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  7. I'd agree with everything you said and add that Fluker had his best years in San Diego with our current OL coach Joe D.
  8. Fluker is only $775K against cap with the vet rules and only $25K is guaranteed. He's a bargain if he makes the team as depth or the starter at RG. Both have been starters essentially their whole careers, but Fluker is nearing the finish line whereas it looks to me like Warford has 2-3 years left.

    Harbaugh has been a guy who has wanted rookies to earn their spot, but starting Fluker over Powers or even Phillips could be a disservice to 2020 Ravens.

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