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JO's Yahoo Pick'Em & Survival League

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by JO_75, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Seems to me the Fantasy Football aspect of things is not really big here compared to the other board. I decided to bring back the popular Pick E'm game from the old board while also inviting those who want a challenge in an Survival league! Pick'em is simple, while survival is what it says, pick one team a week to win and if they win you move on, if they lose(beware of upsets!) your done! Let me know who is interested.........

    Pro Pick'em Interest:

    Survival Football Interest:
  2. I'd like to do both
  3. Only one person.... lol I guess our old forums traditions died along with it.
  4. I think I'd probably participate too. I think the awareness for this portion of the forum might be the reason, not actually a lack of interest.
  5. I'll play the pickem league
  6. I'm in if we manage to get more than 4 interested people :eek:(
  7. How do we play? Do we just pick teams and keep our own score and whats the deadline for picks? Survival league means pick one team but no repeats amiright?

    In other words I'm interested.
  8. If I get enough people before Thursday, I'll set it up on Yahoo.
  9. I'm down for pick em
  10. Im down even though every year i forget about it by week 3 or 4 =/ lol
  11. So... no pickem? Im missing the boards even more now.
  12. Sucks your pickems wont be going this year. Always enjoyed that
  13. I’m in
  14. Getting a head start... Going to run a Pick'Em and Survival Leagues this year with enough people. If interested let me know which one you want in on, Pick'Em, Survival or both.

    1) JO_75

    1) JO_75
  15. I’ll do both if I can keep up
  16. Pick'Em:
    1) JO_75
    2) allblackraven

    1) JO_75
    2) allblackraven
  17. I'll do both leagues
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