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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by RavensMania, May 27, 2020.

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  1. Yea we can probs up the security questions or something I haven't much spam but have been busy with finals. Where/ bots / further explain a bit if you can. thanks
  2. we're getting a lot of posters posting links to viagra ads etc. no linked ips or anything though

    whenever i see one i use the spam moderator tool to ban them and delete all their posts at once

    but ive probably had to vanquish nearly 10 in the last few days
  3. Is this software supporting 'grace period' like official board did?
    As in, first 15 posts of a new member are going to mod queue then get released in public upon checks. Don't think it would be much more work for mods than it is now.
  4. could be a good idea
    think it was 10 on the old official board

    im certainly active enough that it wouldnt be that difficult to operate i dont think
  5. 5 more spam posts today - idk why they've suddenly found this board - at least its mostly just in the introductions section
  6. Maybe they're spammers and ravens fans? :p
  7. they really like viagra lol

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