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The Team Rating Thread

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by Ludy51, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Since nobody else has made this year I guess I will start it off. Just finished my draft a few hours ago and thought it went pretty well. What do you think?

    QB: Aaron Rodgers
    RB1: Devonta Freeman
    RB2: Dalvin Cook
    WR1: Davante Adams
    WR2: DeAndre Hopkins
    TE: Tyler Eifert
    FLEX: Tyreek Hill
    K: Mason Crosby
    DEF: BAL

    BEN: Andy Dalton, QB
    BEN: Jacquizz Rodgers, RB
    BEN: LeGarrett Blount, RB
    BEN: Mike Gillisee, RB
    BEN: Desean Jackson, WR
    BEN: J.J Nelson, WR
    BEN: Marvin Jones, WR
    BEN: Hunter Henry, TE
  2. How many people are in this league? Is it PPR?

    Aaron Rodgers, best QB in the draft. Freeman should be a PPR machine and Dalvin Cook will be the #1 guy there, sold picks. Adams I'm not completely sold on. A lot of mouths to feed in that offense, but should do okay, maybe a WR2. Hops, in my opinion, his stock goes up WHEN Watson takes the starting job. But a solid WR even now. Eifert is a risk, but top 5 TE if he stays healthy. Tyreek, the x-factor, should be plenty of targets in that KC offense. Baltimore defense, yes.

    I'd say your backups might be a little underwhelming, but Dalton will have his streaky games, if you ever needed to play him. The HB situation is lacking a little depth. Not sure about the roles of Roders/Blount yet. Gillisee COULD be the guy in NE, tough to call just yet, considering who's all there at the HB position. I like Henry and Jones. Desean could be a home run hitter and have streaky games. JJ Nelson I believe is boom or bust. He could carve out a role nicely opposite of Fitz.

    Good draft, man!
  3. It's a 12-man league. And it is PPR
  4. This is a really good lineup imo. I'd give it an A-, it'd be an A, but your RB depth worries me a little. Idk what Jacquizz will do with Sims back to take those 3rd down snaps. Blount is a tricky one for me (he's struggled everywhere but NE). Freeman/Cook should give you a solid duo, even though both may face some heavy committee work. Gillislee is probably your wildcard- Belichick RBs can be frustrating, but if he gets the full Blount redzone role, you'll be in great shape.

    Aside from that, I think Henry goes off this year and puts Eifert on your bench. Marvin Jones/Desean Jackson could be solid starters on their own. I'd probably start one over Davante personally.
  5. Just did my draft:
    QB: Stafford
    RB1: Devonta Freeman
    RB2: Melvin Gordon
    WR1: Amari Cooper
    WR2: Sammy Watkins
    TE: Doyle
    Flex: Kareem Hunt
    K: Hauschka
    Def: Ravens

    Cam Newton
    Darren Sproles
    Allen Robinson
    Tyreek Hill
    Corey Davis
    OJ Howard
  6. That's a really solid roster. How many teams? Freeman and Gordon went around the same time in my league
  7. Ten, so not that deep of a league. I was picking near the end of the first and near the top of the second, so I got Freeman and Gordon with my first two picks.
  8. Pretty good, regardless. Depends on a couple of hype players like Howard and Hunt, but they should live up to it. I liked Doyle as a sleeper, but with Luck under center. And I thought the change of scenery/QB change for Watkins would only benefit him and increase his stock.
  9. Given Eifert's injury and Henry's underperforming, I swapped Gillislee for O.J Howard

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