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Announcement New Logo, Tapatalk App, and More!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by supertolerator, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've made a longer announcement thread, but there are a few things to talk about today that I am quite excited about. Before I get started in explaining those things though, @purplepittabread88 and I would like to give you all a huge thank you. PurpleFlock is steadily growing more than both of us had anticipated it would from the start. We're extremely happy that we were able to recreate the old sense of community that was once held on the old message board, and hopefully have built upon it to create something better.

    To our current Writers and Moderators; thank you all so much. Without you guys, this place would be nothing.
    Writers; you are the constant source of news and topics on the site, and we are so glad that you guys are dedicated time out of your lives to enhance the experience that users and readers have while browsing PurpleFlock.
    Moderators; without you, the sense of community that Purplepittabread88 and I have tried to recreate wouldn't be possible. You are the backbone to the forums and make sure that everything remains friendly and fun, day in and day out.

    So again, thank you all. Now, onto the announcements.

    New Logo:
    Our previous logo was a bit bland and underwhelming to say the least. It was definitely time for change, and after reading a suggestion from @JoeyFlex5,
    I decided to go ahead and make this.
    Please let me know what you guys think of this! I'd love to incorporate it around the forums and on our Twitter, Instagram, etc.

    Tapatalk App:
    If you've ever wanted to use PurpleFlock on your phone without having to use a web browser, and having the possibility of receiving notifications straight to your phone, then today, I'd like to introduce Tapatalk. Tapatalk is a community / message board software that you can link existing sites to. Tapatalk does have their own site software, however, I was able to get PurpleFlock all linked up through their service. This means that you can now download the Tapatalk App, and use PurpleFlock through that app on your phone if you so wish.

    There are many good things that come out of this. Here are just a few;
    - Less data usage on your phone
    - App available for iOS and Android
    - Clean look
    - Faster
    - Push Notifications

    With that being said, there is no reason to not download Tapatalk to use PurpleFlock if you use the site on your phone already.

    You can click on the following links to download it onto your phone.
    iOS & Android

    Once downloaded, it is recommended that you create a Tapatalk account to be able to Follow the PurpleFlock Community. Once logged in to Tapatalk, you can login to PurpleFlock by searching "PurpleFlock" In the search bar at the top. Select the PurpleFlock Community and login to your existing Forum Account. From there you can access everything on the forums as you could when visiting the site through a web browser!

    Other Updates:
    - Upgraded Server: Last Sunday, the website crashed halfway through the game. In order to accommodate for the increasing amount of traffic that PurpleFlock is and will be receiving, I have upgraded our web server to be able to handle the increased traffic.

    - Gallery: I know this is something that has been requested and promised for a while know. This is still being worked on, and is nearing completion. We were originally going to have the gallery feature completed a while ago, but we ran into some issues when setting that all up. We are still working on fixing the issues we ran into and should have the gallery page released soon for you all to upload Pictures and Videos for everyone to enjoy.

    That's pretty much it for this post. Again, thank you all for your continued support! It is greatly appreciated.

    Go Ravens!
    #1 supertolerator, Oct 1, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  2. Could the yellow behind the P and F be replaced with a different color? Maybe with a shade of purple or black.

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