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Week 6 Discussion (Other Teams)

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by JO_75, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Week 6 is upon us as we have made it through six weeks of the season with the trade deadline looming on November on 3rd. With Le'Veon Bell off to join the Chiefs, what other trades could we see in the weeks to come? As for week 6, we get a big divisional showdown between the 4-1 Browns & 4-0 Steelers. We get a potential NFC Championship Preview in the battle of the Bays, Green Bay & Tampa Bay.

    Texans @ Titans: The Titans are 4-0 for the first time since 2008 when they started the season 10-0. They look to keep their momentum going against a Texans team who got their first win last week after firing BOB. Can Tennessee keep their momentum going and which Texan will Derrick Henry stiff arm right out of the stadium?

    Bengals @ Colts: We lost Andrew Luck because the Colts failed to build an offensive line to protect him, and we may lose Joe Burrow if the Bengals don't put an emphasis on their offensive line. The Colts look to rebound following their loss to the Browns, while the Bengals continue their growing pains under Zac Taylor and Burrow takes his lumps.

    Falcons @ Vikings: The Falcons did some overdue housecleaning as they fired GM Thomas Dimitroff & Head Coach Dan Quinn last week following the teams' first 0-5 start since 1997. Will this be what the team needs to spark a win over the Vikings? Vikings are reeling after they gave up a last second win against the Seahawks. Minnesota will be without Dalvin Cook as Alexander Mattison gets his first start after going for 112 yards last week in relief of Cook. Is Atlanta closer to their first win on Sunday or more closer to getting Trevor Lawrence?

    Broncos @ Patriots: One week later we get this game following some more testing issues causing further scheduling issues. If this game took place last week, neither team may have not had their starting QB but both Drew Lock & Cam Newton look good to go this week. Can New England get back to over .500 or will the Broncos pull off the upset win?

    Washington @ Giants: Daniel Jones is the most pressured QB in the NFL, and he now he faces a Washington defensive line as he looks to lead the G-Men to their first win of the season. Meanwhile Alex Smith's brief return will only last a week as Kyle Allen will get the start on Sunday. It seems Washington is officially putting themselves in the hunt for a QB in the 2021 Draft. Is Daniel Jones on track to be replaced by a QB next year?

    Browns @ Steelers: The Cleveland Browns are 4-1 for the first since 1994, when Bill Belichick was their Head Coach. It's been a while since a Browns-Steelers game has meant something but this has major implications on the playoff picture. Big Ben & the Steelers were reeling against the Eagles but recovered, a win for the Browns would solidify that these aren't the same old Browns of yesterday.

    Bears @ Panthers: Following the huge win over the Tom Brady led Buccaneers, Nick Foles and the Bears are riding high as they face Matt Rhule and the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers at 3-2 have been a welcome surprise as Teddy Bridgewater has shown to be much more than a stop gap for the Panthers. Can the Bears continue to keep pace with the Packers in the division race?

    Lions @ Jaguars: This game could determine the next Head Coach not named Adam Gase to be fired. Both teams sit at only 1 as we near the halfway point, Minshew Mania seems to have run out and the Lions continue to not win under Matt Patricia. Which Coach will still be coaching next week, Matt Patricia or Doug Marrone?

    Jets @ Dolphins: Another week, another week the Jets have not fired Adam Gase despite leading the Tank for Trevor Sweepstakes. This week, they face off against their AFC East rival the Miami Dolphins who shocked the world by dominating the defending NFC Champions. Miami looks to win their 3rd game in the last four games, and would 0-6 be enough to fire Adam Gase on Monday?

    Packers @ Bucs: For most people, this was a NFC Championship Game preview when Brady signed with the Bucs. Yet it seems despite Brady, the Bucs do have their flaws and only sit at 3-2 after all the hype. The Packers meanwhile are 4-0 and seem to be on a collision course with the Seahawks for the number one seed. Which Bay will rise to the occasion and win on Sunday?

    Rams @ 49ers: After being shell shocked by the Dolphins and being benched, Jimmy G will start against the Rams in this NFC West Showdown on Sunday Night Football. Can the 49ers turn their Super Bowl hangover upside down in order to make it back to the playoffs? Or will the Rams continue their resurgence after a Super Bowl hangover of their own.

    Chiefs @ Bills: We get two Monday Night games this week as the Chiefs head to Buffalo face the Bills in what was supposed to be a Thursday Night Game. Both teams look to rebound after losses in week five, the Raiders upset the Chiefs and the Titans ran all over the Bills on Tuesday Night Football. Which team will rebound on MNF? (Monday, 4PM on FOX)

    Cardinals @ Cowboys: This game was going to be a battle between two of the young quarterbacks in the NFL today, Kyler Murray and Dak Prescott. Following Dak's injury last week, Andy Dalton will step back into the starting role as the Cardinals come to Big D. Is Kyler Murray ready to take the next step and pull off a huge road win under the lights?
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  2. I legit have no rooting interest in any of these games. I'm curious to see if Flacco will continue smacking around the Dolphins or is that a Ravens thang?
  3. i kinda want the browns to bring the steelers back to earth but i dont really care that much who loses that game tbh - you're right that there's not many other rooting interests this week
  4. Typically, my general rule of thumb is root for the NFC team in any NFC vs. AFC matchup. I guess since this season is kinda young, it's tough to actively root for a team for help.

    Even this Browns at Steelers game, I don't care who wins as long as we do. We win and Steelers lose = division lead going into BYE. We win and Browns lose = helps us out for Wild Card implications.
  5. Falcons lead 20-0 at halftime over the Vikings who are watching Kirk Cousins implode. Perhaps they finally met a QB who won't lead a comeback.... maybe lol.
  6. cannot believe the NFL scheduled 9 1pm games and only 2 4pm games with one of those being the jets dolphins.. wtf?

    never thought id be thinking of turning off and watching something else...
  7. Yeah this is terrible lol. Packers-Bucs is what I'm watching. Jets will be the only winless team after this week giving them sole possession of the first overall pick unless they win.

    2 interceptions by Rodgers lead to a 14-10 lead for Tampa.
  8. Steelers LB Devin Bush tore his ACL and is done for the year.
  9. They have Derrick Henry next. Rough.
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  10. Bucs defense just getting to Rodgers, and that has been the difference in this game.
  11. there's probably fewer than 10 legit defences in the NFL this year and the Bucs are definitely one of them
  12. Cleveland put a Frown on my face. They basically gave Pittsburgh a bye today.

    Poor Joe Flacco. I'm always rooting for him, but it's always the same result.
  13. First there was the Butt Fumble, and now I give you...... The Butt Pick.

  14. Our first Tua sighting of the season.......

  15. ELITE.....

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  16. Going to bed 0-6, and waking up 4-2. Bucs acquire DT Steve McLendon from the Jets, trade will be finalized tomorrow.

  17. The 49ers move to 3-3, and the Rams fall to 4-2. All of the Rams wins? Against the NFC East.
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  18. Bills get Tre'Davious White and John Brown back tonight against the Chiefs.
  19. The bills are going to go one and done this year. They can't run the ball so teams can just sit back and play the pass and their defense is way too soft

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