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Announcement Galleries, New Emoticons, and More!


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Hello again PurpleFlock Members! Even though I just posted an announcement thread a few days ago, there have been changes made in those few days that deserve a new thread all to themselves. Without further ado, here are the announcements.

After quite the wait, the long promised gallery feature has been added. I mentioned in the last announcement post that there was an issue causing the delay in the addition of this feature, however, I spent a lot more time looking into it, and have finally fixed the issue. Galleries are now available and ready for everybody to enjoy! All you have to do is head over to the Gallery page, found in the navigation bar. Once there, there will be an album with instructions on how to create your own albums, and how to upload pictures and videos. I encourage all of you to upload any and all pictures and videos Ravens-related that you may have, for others to enjoy!

All albums, pictures, and videos will be moderated by the administrators and moderators before being publicly visible to ensure that they don't break the forum guidelines.

New Emoticons:
On the thread, Design Ideas (YouTube & Site), posted by @purplepittabread88, @Rav'n Maniac suggested that we broaden the emoticons.
Broaden the emoticons. These are getting old.
I thought that that was a great idea, so I went ahead and not only revamped the current emoticons, but I also added a lot more that I think you all will enjoy! ;) :+1:

Other Updates:
- New Logo: Discussion and Feedback having to do with the new logo is taking place in this thread. Please visit it and voice your opinion! https://purpleflock.com/threads/274

- Temporary Downtime: This is just a heads up to let all of you know that there will be some temporary downtime tomorrow, Wednesday, October 4th, at about 9:00 PM (PT). This should last for about three hours at most. Even though we upgraded the server a few days ago to accommodate for the new traffic, there is no telling when we will need to go ahead and do that again. I have decided to "future proof" the website, and rent out a new server that is much more powerful, (overkill at this moment), but will allow us to stay safe for a while in terms of site reliability and uptime. The new server is not only much more powerful, but a lot more cost-effective, which will be beneficial in the long run. So tomorrow at 9:00 PM PT, we will be transferring the site over to that new server.

Edit: The site has been successfully transferred. Thank you for your cooperation.

That's pretty much it for this post. Again, thank you all for your continued support! It is greatly appreciated.

:ravens: Go Ravens! :ravens:

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