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Grand Opening The Warf in D.C.

Discussion in 'Flock Family' started by K-Dog, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. So they built this mega entertainment place on the water in D.C.
    Concert hall, bars and restaurants, all sorts of stuff.
    Well my wife handled the administration of the loan to build that place. 2.8 billion (with a B )
    Today through this weekend is the grand opening. So guess who has VIP passes?
    Yup. :)
    Oh and the Foo Fighters are playing too.
    It is going to be a fun evening.
  2. Nice! Been going to the Wharf for years to buy shrimp(always buy Bee Gee brand, thee best!). It’s cool they have developed the area into an entertainment destination, it’s a great spot that’s been under utilized.

    Be sure to post a report on the Foo show!
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  3. Man, believe it or not I actually liked The Struts better than The Foo's tonight.

    The Anthem is a fantastic venue though.
    ( providing you like to stand the whole time )

    We also saw The Bacon Brothers Band on an outdoor stage.
    Yes as in Kevin Bacon.
    They closed with "Footloose"
  4. Well the grand opening was a little less than grand.
    Most places were still closed. Many due to waiting on permits according to my wife.

    That said The Anthem at The Warf in D.C.is going to be a great place take in a concert.
    Get there a few hours early. Stroll the pier for a while. Get a nice dinner and some drinks.
    Just remember comfortable shoes. The Anthem is standing only.
    Oh it is also no cash. Have your debit cards ready.
  5. Seems there is some seating for all shows they call “Super excellent seating” which is a reserved seating ticket that costs a bit more. Sounds like those seats are in the front of all the balconies. When you buy these you are the only one that can use them. Your name is printed on the ticket(think there is a two ticket limit per person) and you have to show ID when entering. Pretty cool way to ensure the scalpers and ticket services don’t buy them up giving anyone a chance to get excellent seats at face value. You can buy any of the tickets at any one of their venues without a service charge or on Ticketfly, with their fee tacked on of course.

    My oldest son went to a “soft opening” on Tuesday night and said there is some bleacher style seating around too which they may not have had set up on Thursday. I know they have a limited amount of this type at the 9:30 up in the balconies, probably similar.

    I really wanted to see Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood next week at the Anthem but drug my feet on getting tickets. It’s pretty much sold out now with just a few scattered single “Super Excellent Seating” tickets left. bummer
  6. I saw the balconies and they were all full.

    I was unaware they had seats.
  7. Have a friend that owns a hardware and bike shop that is no in the location. They have been in the DC area for atleast 30 years and will be opening a cafe. It’s District Hardware and Bikeshop.

    I like this area and am glad it’s being renovated. A long time coming a might add.
  8. With the huge crowd and all the excitement guessing they were easy to miss. I hope to get there sometime soon to check it out.
  9. I would give it till spring when ALL the shops and restaurants are open.
  10. I remember there were lots of seafood restaurants, I once saw the Washington Kastles World Team Tennis play there in their second temporary outdoor stadium where Hogate's used to be. Their first was City Center where the old Convention Center was. Now they're at the Smith Center indoors at GWU.
  11. Hogates......I remember going there as a wee lad. Rum buns.....mmmmmm.
  12. The best. There’s and Bish Thompson’s Rum Buns were amazing
  13. Not to mention O'Donneld's.
  14. Loved O’Donnell’s as well. Right across the street. Went to the closing of O’Donnell’s in the kentlands in Gaithersburg about 5 yrs ago. That Family owned odonnells restaurant fir 90 yrs.

    Do you live in the dc area
  15. Rockville, MD, rooted for the CFL Stallions in 1994-199% and took a "lead of faith" on the Ravens in 1996 and never looked back.

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